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    The sports venues at Dean College are a prime reason why we are recognized as one of the best two-year athletic programs in all of New England. 

    Longley Athletic Complex

    Dean takes advantage of our recently renovated Longley Athletic Complex, which features outdoor playing field that cover more nine acres and seating for up to 1,500 fans there to watch our football, baseball, lacrosse, softball and soccer teams. 

    Pieri Gymnasium

    For basketball, Pieri Gymnasium seats 900 fans and a great place to support the home team.  Adjacent to the gymnasium is Memorial Hall, central location for Dean trophies and awards highlighting the rich history of our athletic programs.

    Practice and Fitness

    In addition, the campus houses Grant Field, an outdoor practice and recreation venue along with two fitness centers, including the recently opened and state-of-the-art Holly and Jan Kokes '64 Fitness Center.

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