Certificate Programs

  • Hone Your Skills with a Certificate

    CertificateThrough an active learning approach, Dean College students integrate knowledge and skills and apply them to real-world problems and situations. The College’s learning goals include knowledge, skills and application. Each graduating student leaves with a degree in his or her hand and well-rounded experience to bring to an employer.

    Overview of Certificate Offerings

    A certificate program can enhance your career track. All certificate courses may be applied to related Associate degree programs. The School of Continuing Studies offers six certificate programs that provide focused programs of study in specific content areas leading to employment opportunities or career advancement. Available programs include:


    A certificate program can serve either as a complete learning experience or as a foundation upon which to build more coursework leading to a degree. Following are some pathways you can take after completing a certificate program at Dean College:


    Do you know all that you need to know about our Associate degree program and want to apply now? You may apply online or fill out an application on campus. To schedule a time to fill out your paper application, please call (508) 541-1624.

    Choosing which degree is right for you can be a daunting task – let us help! Speak with an enrollment coach today by emailing scs@dean.edu or by calling (508) 541-1624.

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