Learning Support Coaching and Tutoring

  • A Range of Tutoring Services Unmatched by Other Institutions  

    Dean College provides a wide range of structured coaching and professional and peer tutoring services to students. These free and fee-based Coaching and Tutoringservices offer students the extra assistance needed to achieve academic and personal success. Whether a student requires writing assistance, peer or professional tutoring, or learning services focused on test preparation or note taking, the Morton Family Learning Center is here to help.

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      Fee-Based Coaching Services

      Dean College offers learning support coaching services that are personalized for each student in addition to its free tutoring services. This coaching program may focus on a variety of topics in one-on-one sessions with students at the College.

      Academic Coaching

      A professional strategy-based coaching program designed to provide specialized one-on-one coaching to students at Dean College. This service is available to any Dean College student who believes he or she would benefit from individualized academic coaching and skill development in the areas of study strategies such as: 

      Study strategies
      Note taking
      Time management
      Test preparation
      Writing skills
      Reading comprehension

      Students may enroll in individual or group programs for up to five hours per week, depending upon the student's learning profile and academic schedule for a given semester. The semester costs for coaching are as follows: 

      Hours/Week   Cost  
      1 $ 850
      2 $ 1,700
      3 $ 2,550
      4 $ 3,400
      5 $ 4,250
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      Free Tutoring Services

      Dean College offers free tutoring services from a variety of different sources, including peers, professionals, faculty drop-ins, and faculty review. Students may also receive tutoring services through the College's writing and math centers, which are staffed by faculty members, professional and peer tutors.

      -Peer Tutoring (Student-to-Student Tutoring): Students receive course-specific tutoring in a wide range of content areas, ranging from accounting to math to public speaking
      -Professional Tutoring: Professional tutors are available every evening to work with students in writing, math and other academic areas
      -Faculty Drop-in Tutoring (Faculty-to-Student Tutoring): Similar to Peer Tutoring but provided through Dean College faculty members
      -Faculty Review: Course-specific review sessions facilitated by faculty

      -Writing Center: English faculty members, professional tutors and peer tutors trained specifically in the coaching of writing techniques offer coaching on a drop-in basis
      -Math Center: Staffed similarly to the writing center, the math center offers mathematics-specific learning techniques in a wide-range of classes

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