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    Coaching and Tutoring

    Dean College provides fee-based, structured Academic Coaching as well as free professional, faculty and peer tutoring to all students. This combination of free and fee-based services provides students the extra assistance and individualized attention needed to achieve academic success. Whether students require writing assistance, subject specific tutoring, time management strategies, test preparation or help with building note taking skills, the Morton Family Learning Center is here to help. 

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      Fee-Based Academic Coaching

      Dean College offers learning support coaching services that are personalized for each student in addition to its free tutoring services. This coaching program may focus on a variety of topics in one-on-one sessions with students at the College.

      Fee-Based Academic Coaching

      The Academic Coaching program is designed to provide specialized academic coaching to students at Dean College. This fee-based service is available to any Dean College student who believes that she or he would benefit from individualized academic coaching and skill development in the areas of study strategies, time management, organization, note-taking, test preparation, test taking and writing. Academic Coaches build on students’ strengths while addressing areas of challenge. 

      Hours/Week   Cost  
      1 $ 850
      2 $ 1,700
      3 $ 2,550
      4 $ 3,400
      5 $ 4,250
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      Free Tutoring Services

      Dean College offers free tutoring services from a variety of different sources, including peers, professionals, faculty drop-ins, and faculty review. Students may also receive tutoring services through the College's writing and math centers, which are staffed by faculty members, professional and peer tutors.

      Free Tutoring

      Dean College offers a variety of tutoring services; all tutoring is free and available both as a drop-in service and/or by making appointments online. Professional, faculty and peer tutoring services are offered through the Bereson Writing and Math Centers. In addition, subject specific peer and professional tutoring is made available to all students through the Morton Family Learning Center. The Morton Family Learning Center also schedules and supervises Academic Study Partner program. ASPs are available to meet with students who may struggle with homework completion. ASPs and peer tutors are high achieving students; they are trained by Learning Center professional staff, and provide an engaging and attentive academic partner for students who may benefit from working on homework and specific class assignments with a peer.  

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