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  • Dean College Student to Compete in Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant

    Hayley Mangino Miss MA Pageant

    On Saturday, November 18th and Sunday, November 19th Hayley Mangino ’19, will compete for the second time at the Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant in Lowell, Massachusetts. Mangino is currently studying as a dance major in the Palladino School of Dance. 

    Just a few days before she’s set to take the stage, Hayley answered a few questions about her involvement with the Miss USA program. 

    Q. How did you get involved in the Miss USA program and why did you decide to compete?

    I first got involved with Miss Massachusetts last year by just entering for fun without any thought of it becoming a reality. I was immediately called within 15 minutes of entering to attend an informational presentation. I was then called in for a one-on-one interview which lasted about 15 minutes for each possible contestant. When my name was called, I entered the interview room and the program director immediately said they had their eye on me and told me I need to do this and I was perfect for this competition. I didn’t place last year, however after the pageant I was asked to be a returning contestant this year.

    I decided to get involved with this organization as it truly represents young women with personal development, self-discipline, confidence, communication and public speaking skills, and opens many doors of opportunities, as well as getting involved with charities on a local and national level. 

    Q. As part of the Miss USA program, you’re required to participate in volunteer work, fundraising and advocacy. What kinds of volunteer work, charities and community service projects have you worked on?

    I have spent a lot of my time helping young children pursue their dream of dance and gymnastics. During the summer, I assisted at several studios. The children I worked with look up to me as a role model. They often asked me to show them my tumbling skills, which fascinates them and gives them the excitement of knowing hard work and dedication will one day help them reach their dreams. I love being able to teach children with dreams like mine, doing what I love doing most.

    As a contestant, there is a sponsorship fee of $1,295 required for entry in the pageant. I went to local businesses in my community, as well as family and friends to seek sponsorship to help me reach my entry fee for Miss Massachusetts USA 2018.

    Q. How has Dean College helped you prepare for your run in the Miss Massachusetts pageant?

    Dean College has helped me prepare for the pageant by constantly doing workouts and conditioning in all of my dance classes. By doing this, I am happy with the way my body looks for when I have to walk the stage in the swimsuit portion of the competition. Communication courses have helped me become comfortable with talking in front of a large crowd. It has also helped me to believe that it is okay to voice my opinion, and have a strong passion for what I believe in. These classes have helped me prepare for the interview portion of the competition, where I will be in a room with six judges getting asked questions about myself, what I believe in, who I am as a person, etc. 

    Q. If you win the Miss Massachusetts portion of the competition, what are the next steps?

    If I am crowned Miss Massachusetts USA 2018, I will be representing our state for the entire year, making appearances across the state, helping with fundraisers, charities, public speaking events, and so much more! If I am crowned, I will be preparing and training to walk the Miss USA stage sometime in the Spring. If crowned Miss USA, I would have to pass down my title as Miss Massachusetts USA 2018 to the first runner up of the Massachusetts pageant.

    I don’t look at pageants as a competition for a crown and sash, I look at it as a fun opportunity for me to meet new friends all across the state that share the same interests as I do. It also gives me an opportunity to dress up in a beautiful evening gown that makes me feel confident in who I am, and to show Massachusetts the type of person I am, along with the goals and dreams I would like to accomplish for myself. What excites me the most is seeing all of my family and friends in the audience cheering me on, and for believing in me. I am so excited to be competing November 18-19 at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts for a chance as Miss Massachusetts USA 2018! 

    Good Luck Hayley! Your fellow Bulldogs will be rooting you on!


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