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  • Finals Week Survival Guide: Fall 2017

    Finals Week Survival Guide Fall 2017

    Congratulations! You’ve made it through the last classes of the fall semester and now the only thing standing between you and winter break is final exams. Have no fear, below are a few tips to help you ace your finals!

    1. Verify Your Finals Schedule

    Make sure you know what day, time and place your finals are!

    2. Don’t pull all-nighters!

    Being sleep deprived makes it difficult to focus. A fatigued brain doesn’t retain information and doesn’t recall information as well as a well-rested brain!

    3. Find Quiet Study Spaces

    Between loud roommates, the TV and other distractions, your dorm room might not be the best place to study. There are plenty of quiet places on campus to study such as the library, the campus center, or the lounge area of the Starbucks.

    4. Exercise Regularly

    Exercising is a great way to improve your brain function and makes for a great excuse to take a study break. Try taking a short walk around campus or doing a few sets of crunches in your dorm room to keep the blood flowing!

    5. Eat Healthy Foods

    Junk food might be the most convenient food to grab when you’re cramming, but it ultimately will leave you exhausted. Instead, try to eat a healthy diet of whole grains, fresh vegetables and lean proteins. These foods will help keep you energized while you study!

    6. Avoid Social Media

    Do not fall down the rabbit hole of social media. Even if you tell yourself you’re just checking some headlines, or doing a quick scroll through Instagram, it can easily turn into an hour-long loss of study time. Limit access to these accounts for the week, and only do a check-in as a reward after your studies.

    7. Relax

    At the end of the day, you know you got this!

    Remember, Bulldogs never give up, never settle and never lose sight of their dreams (of passing the test) Good luck!

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