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  • The Intern Corner: 7 Things to Know Before Going to College

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    Coming to college can be scary. It’s all brand new and you might not know what to expect. That is totally okay and most people are in the same boat as you. Coming in as a first-year student, I was nervous about what my classes were going to be like, what it was going to be like to have a roommate for the first time, and how am I supposed to shower with other people in the bathroom. These are all things that everyone around you is thinking as well, they are all just putting on a front.

    I asked faculty and staff around campus to think back to when they were first going to college and what they wish they knew before entering their first year as a college student. Here are 7 things that they wish they knew before attending college!

    Christina Frugale - Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development

    “You can change your friend group. You have the ability to change your friend group and you should continue to meet people through clubs and on campus to continue to surround yourself with positive people.”

    Jen Polimer - Director of Orientation, Community Service & Special Projects, Academic Advisor

    "You’re not too cool to wear a rain jacket, rain boots, or use an umbrella because no one wants to be sitting in class soaking wet.”

    Dean Drucker - Assistant Vice President, Student Life & Dean of Students

    “You don’t have to be nocturnal to have a good time or to get your work done. Get some sleep!”

    Thea Cerio - Director of Career Planning & Internships

    “I wish I knew that you really CAN use what you major in to further your career. I wish I had done some career exploration, shadowed people at work, been exposed to different careers so I had a better idea of what I would like or not like.”

    Joe Zumbo - Senior Admissions Counselor Recruitment Coordinator, School of the Arts

    “I wish I knew more about how the admission process worked and what it was like to be a college student. What classes were like, what kind of professors, what it was like to have a roommate.”

    Ian Van Doren - Recreation Coordinator, Resident Director

    “I wish I knew how real the freshman 15 actually is. Use the facilities the school offers you and try to join in with as many events and activities as possible.”

    Brandon Farrell Digital and Social Media Coordinator

    “I wish I knew that there was more academic support than what is perceived in higher education. In high school, teachers tell you that professors are scary and don’t have sympathy for students, when in reality it is the opposite. More often than not they are willing to work with you to make sure you succeed.”

    Author: Pat Budris

    Pat Budris Intern Headshot

    About Pat: Pat is a senior Arts and Entertainment Management major at Dean College. He grew up on a small farm in Watertown, CT before coming to Franklin, MA to start his college career. He is a dedicated musician and is pursuing a career in the music business. This summer Pat is the intern for the Marketing Department as well as the Orientation Chair for New Student Orientation. Pat is learning how to market and manage through social media and other outlets.

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