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  • Microsoft Director Angela McKay Visits Dean College

    Angela McKay DLI 2017

    Dean College welcomed Angela McKay, Director of the Government Security Policy and Strategy team within Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, to campus on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 for the Dean College Leadership Institute Executive Lecture Series.

    Guest speaker Angela McKay, leads Microsoft’s public policy work on cybersecurity, cloud security, and norms, and on public sector use of cloud. Her team includes professionals working on these topics across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. She focuses on driving strategic change, both within Microsoft and externally, to advance trust in the computing ecosystem.

    Ms. McKay combines technical expertise and public policy acumen to develop policies that improve security and stability of cyberspace, and support development, growth and innovation. She serves on the Board of Councilors for the East West Institute, a think tank focused on international conflict resolution, and as Microsoft’s Point of Contact for the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, which provides the President of the United States with recommendations to maintain reliable, secure and resilient communications.

    Dr. Paula Rooney introduced Ms. McKay, who began the informal discussion by giving the crowd comprised of students, faculty and staff, alumni and the community, an overview of her background.

    Ms. McKay’s presentation touched on several topics of interest to today’s business climate, most importantly how businesses can prepare for the digital transformation. McKay explained that the digital transformation is both an opportunity and a risk. Businesses should always be looking at the opportunity side, but also be prepared to be breached at some point.

    “There are two types of companies in the world,” McKay stated, “those who have been hacked and those who just don’t know they have been hacked yet.”

    To be more prepared for cyber-hacks and demonstrate continuous improvement, Microsoft will look at cyber-hacks that happen at other companies. From there, they will analyze how the hack would have effected their company, how they would handle it, and improve their response plans accordingly. 

    The Q&A portion of the program allowed students the opportunity to ask any question they wanted. Students were most interested in learning what they could do to protect themselves better online.

    Ms. McKay explained that security can never be guaranteed, but that students can reduce their risk by using cyber hygiene. You can stay clean on the internet by using different passwords, updating your technology, and staying off unfamiliar websites. Ms. McKay also suggested using complex passwords such as passwords that are longer in length, not using your birthday, and avoiding phrases or words that are common to you.  

    Following the lecture, a women’s only networking session was held in the campus center Atrium.

    A special thank you to Angela McKay for joining us.

    Visit the Dean College Leadership Institute webpage for more information and future speaking programs.

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