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  • Student Experience: Study Abroad, Regent's University London

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    The Regent’s University campus was beautiful.  Inside Regent’s Park there was a zoo, practice/athletic fields, dog parks, public art displays and water fountains. My favorite place was Queen Mary’s Rose Garden. I stumbled upon it in early Autumn and immediately wished I had seen it when I first arrived in London in mid-September. 

    There is no way to fully describe how “different” Dean College is from Regent’s University London without having to mention the obvious cultural and socioeconomic differences. The American exchange students stick out like sore thumbs! We may shop at the same logo stores but the students at Dean do not dress like they are going to work, or a fashion show, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

    As my peers in my Tech II Production class know, I have never met a food I don’t like so I enjoyed the dining hall or “Refectory” at Regent’s. Fish & Chip Friday was the best. Dean’s dining system is basically opposite of Regent’s. At Regent’s there are no unlimited swipes at their dining hall, you must be mindful. It’s a one-time buffet that deducts money from your dining card each meal.

    The teachers, faculty, dining staff, campus bartenders, security guards, and community advisors (CA/Ra’s) were all extremely nice and accommodating. The teachers I had at Regent’s were so knowledgeable and patient that I’m very glad I had the schedule I did. I took four courses while at Regents. I took Organizational Behavior, Theatre Appreciation, People, Management and Organizations and Shakespeare (Histories and Comedies). These courses were pertaining to either the arts or business. If I wanted to learn about the entertainment business, the best classroom for me was to go and see a show myself. If you’re an AMGT major studying at Regent’s, you may have to create some AMGT opportunities yourself.

    I’ll admit, once December came upon us, I was counting down the days until I left Regent’s forever. I enjoyed my time there but unfortunately, I had to deal with a death in my family. I spent the remainder of my time trying to enjoy an amazing opportunity in London but also grieve the loss of my brother. 

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    One thing that helped me cope was seeing musicals on the West End. I’ve had a lifelong interest for musical theatre so I was truly living my best life for 3 hours for thirteen nights. Thanks to TodayTix (not sponsored), my parents and my Theatre Apperception course (taught by Dr. Valerie Kaneko-Lucas), I was able to see thirteen shows and tour the National Theatre. As far as traveling out of London, I only ventured to Amsterdam and Maastricht, Netherlands my final weekend abroad. I spent most of my time, money and weekends at the theatre.  

    I’d only recommended going to Regent’s alone if you are truly extroverted. If you are not, I’d suggest attending Regent’s with someone from Dean. You don’t have to be best friends but you’ll have a travel buddy. I suggest getting the app City Mapper and getting a UK sim card with the mobile company, GiffGaff. I received the GiffGaff sim card in a marketing box provided by Regents. All I needed was a paperclip and the instructions and I was able to use my phone anywhere in Europe. Also, remember the “ground floor” is what we would call the “first floor.” If your room is on the second floor than you are walking up three flights of stairs. Luckily, I was on the ground floor.

    Lastly, my favorite experience from my time abroad was visiting Shakespeare’s Globe for a production of King Lear. I went during the second week of Uni. In the Globe, I felt my educational journey come full circle. My first introduction to Shakespeare was my freshman year of high school when I read Romeo and Juliet for my English class and was an ensemble member in my school’s production. I read one to two Shakespeare plays a year in high school and reread Hamlet for an English course my sophomore year in college. Shakespeare has always been a part of my academic life. Shakespeare’s Globe was never on my bucket list of sights and destinations but being there was cathartic. I went from reading Shakespeare in a classroom at North Kingstown High School to standing in the resurrected Shakespeare’s Globe in London.  

    The bright lights of the West End and the people I met make me reflect upon my time with a bittersweet smile. I hope to go back to London one day but for now I’m happy to be back on the East Coast. This was a very unique abroad experience for me but I recommend it to everyone. It doesn’t matter if it is Regent’s you decide to go to, just go! You’ll learn more about yourself and see things you thought you’d only see on TV or in a history book.

    Author: Gia Yarn, ’18, AMGT

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