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  • The Intern Corner: 5 Items for Your College Pad


    The Intern Corner features blog posts with helpful advice from our current marketing intern on campus!

    College is a place to become who you want to be. A great way to express yourself and show everyone who you want to be is how you set up your dorm room. Above all, you want to stay organized both for yourself and for your roommate. An organized room is always nice to come home to as well as keeps your stuff out of the way of your roommate’s stuff. Making sure that your roommate and yourself are comfortable is key to having a great rooming situation. You might ask, what do I need to bring for my dorm room? Well here is a list of non-essential, essentials for your dorm room! 

    1. Christmas Lights - One word, ambiance. Sometimes the overhead lights are just too much and sometimes you need a more relaxing vibe. They make your room look super cool and they are also practical! They give your room that homey feeling you are looking for. 

    2. Mini Fridge - A mini fridge is a staple of a dorm room. It’s always nice to have some snacks or a cold water around. You can buy your own mini fridge or rent one that also comes with a microwave! For more information about renting a mini fridge, click here

    3. Plastic Storage Drawers - These are essential to keeping your room organized. What’s a better place to put all of your stuff than in a drawer? These are affordable and easy to pack so that as you move dorms each year, you can bring these with you. They will help you keep your things in one spot and help keep everything you need organized. 

    4. Desk Lamp - It’s college, you’re going to have to study, so make sure that you are comfortable at your desks and you can see everything. A desk lamp may not seem that important, but it really does make the difference. It’s nice to sit down and get some work done in your own room, where you have a good desk setup. 

    5. Decorations - If this is going to be your home away from home, then make it feel like it! Putting up posters or paintings makes all the difference in turning your college dorm room into comfortable and homey place to live. It brings the room to life and you will be happy to be in it!

    To learn more about residence life, click here!   

    Author: Pat Budris

    Pat Budris Intern Headshot

    About Pat: Pat is a senior arts and entertainment management major at Dean College. He grew up on a small farm in Watertown, CT before coming to Franklin, MA to start his college career. He is a dedicated musician and is pursuing a career in the music business. This summer Pat is the intern for the Marketing Department as well as the Orientation Chair for New Student Orientation. Pat is learning how to market and manage through social media and other outlets.

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