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  • #waybackwednesday Allie O'Hara

    #waybackwednesday Allie O'Hara

    With less than 50 days to commencement, we've asked our seniors about their favorite activities, people and other aspects of Dean College. #waybackwednesday will feature a weekly Q&A with senior students to give YOU an inside perspective of The Dean Difference. 

    Read on to learn more about Allie O'Hara!

    What is your favorite memory of your time at Dean?

    My favorite memory is meeting all of my best friends living in Mitchell House.

    Who was the first friend you met during your first year at Dean? How did you meet?

    My first friend was Sabrina who is another dance major. We met during the School of Dance audition and we have been friends ever since.

    What was your all-time favorite meal at the dining center during your time at Dean? Why?

    My favorite meal at the dining hall is definitely the rare, mac 'n' cheese pizza!

    What was your favorite event (sports, club/org, holiday, academic, etc) that you participated in during your time at Dean? Please explain why and use detail.

    My favorite event is the late-night breakfast! Seeing all the faculty and staff members in the dining hall with my peers during finals week is always a memory I will have. It is just a reminder at how close our Dean community is!

    Is there a specific faculty/staff member that had a positive impact on your time here at Dean? What did they do to help you grow as a student? What year did you meet them?

    The School of Dance's athletic trainer Amanda Donahue has made the most positive impact on my time at Dean. Ever since we met during my freshman year she has pushed me. She has been my mentor always. Amanda has helped me see potential in my post-grad life and has given me that push I need to focus on being a dance therapist. I am so grateful for her guidance.

    What has been the best part of senior year at Dean?

    The best part of senior year has been the ability to be a role model for the underclassman.

    What advice would you give yourself as a freshman coming into Dean?

    Advice I would give my freshman self would be to "do it". I was very timid and was apprehensive towards being involved. Getting involved at Dean has formed me into the person I am today. I wish I had done it sooner!

    What does the Dean Difference mean to you?

    The Dean Difference is opportunity. The opportunity to make friends from all over, the opportunity to make your own choices, and the opportunity to set yourself up for success.

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