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  • #waybackwednesday Staci D'Andrea

    #waybackwednesday Staci D'Andrea

    With only a few days left until commencement, we've asked our seniors about their favorite activities, people and other aspects of Dean College. #waybackwednesday will feature a weekly Q&A with senior students to give YOU an inside perspective of The Dean Difference.

    Read on to learn more about Staci D’Andrea!

    What is your favorite memory of your time at Dean?

    My favorite memory during my time here at Dean, are all of the opportunities I’ve had to be involved. Being a dance major, you spend most of your time with other dancers, so getting myself involved with numerous club and e-boards I was able to make so many friends and memories with peers who are all different majors and athletes.

    Who was the first friend you met during your first year at Dean? How did you meet?

    My first friend at Dean was Rachel Natchinson. We met at accepted student’s day. We both came with our parents not knowing anyone else and sat together at the first welcome address and instantly clicked. She transferred after Freshman year but we still talk every day.

    What was your all-time favorite meal at the dining center during your time at Dean? Why?

    My all-time favorite meal is the Thanksgiving Dinner. The feeling of the Dean community gathering in the Dining Hall is something I'll never forget. Seeing faculty in a different light, dressed in goofy hats really shows me how much of a family we are here. Plus, the food is absolutely delicious.

    What was your favorite event (sports, club/org, holiday, academic, etc) that you participated in during your time at Dean? Please explain why and use detail.

    My favorite event is always the Tree lighting. I got to perform at it this past semester with Loose Screws. It is just a happy time of year and final gathering before Winter Break. Boomer is dressed as Santa and the theatre majors are caroling. It is also amazing because it brings the Dean community and Franklin community together.

    Is there a specific faculty/staff member that had a positive impact on your time here at Dean? What did they do to help you grow as a student? What year did you meet them?

    Matt Lechter has been what I would consider a mentor since my Freshman year. He was my RD in Wallace Hall. He is the reason I became so involved on campus from when he nominated me to be an Orientation Leader summer of 2014 and I got the job. From there he helped me realize my potential as a student leader and my involvement continued to grow. I cannot thank him enough for guiding me to where I am today. We came full circle as he is my RD my senior year.

    What has been the best part of senior year at Dean?

    The best part has been just cherishing every minute with my friends and the faculty. Attending everything just because it'll soon not be there. It's also crazy to me how everything I have learned since my first year has come to help me today and it's amazing to see not only my transformation but of all the graduating seniors. We have all come so far and to be there for each other every step of the way is the best feeling.

    What advice would you give yourself as a freshman coming into Dean?

    The advice I would have given myself as a Freshman would be to not avoid your potential. If you are yourself someone will recognize your ability and take up the opportunity to guide you. Also, not be afraid of change it'll help you grow as a student and person.

    What does the Dean Difference mean to you?

    The Dean Difference to me is when you find your place and realize this school is unlike many. Whether your spot is on stage, the classroom, or field you will always have a sense of belonging and people standing behind you. The faculty are not just faculty, they are family and treat us like we are their own. The personal connections I have made in four years will last a lifetime and that’s the Dean Difference in my eyes.

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