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  • Q&A with New Student-Run Club: Peer Health Educators - M.A.D.E.

    Peer Educators MADE

    Peer Health Educators - M.A.D.E is a new student-run club here at Dean College! Read on for Q&A with the club’s student leader, Raelene Asselin. 

    Name: Raelene Asselin
    Year/Major: Junior/Psychology Major

    Q.  What do you like best about Dean College? 
    A.  I really like the small class sizes here at Dean. It feels good to walk into the cafeteria and be able to recognize your friends and say hi. I am not treated as a number here. 

    Q.  What does M.A.D.E. stand for?
    A.  Modeling, Advocating, Developing and Empowering.

    Q.  Why did you get involved in M.A.D.E.? 
    A.  As a Psychology major I like helping people. When I was approached to lead the committee last fall, I thought that it was important to raise awareness on many issues that students don’t typically discuss on a daily basis, like safe sex, body image, and the impact that alcohol has when it comes to decision making.  

    Q.  What types of programs does M.A.D.E. provide to students?
    A.  As peer health educators, we give students the opportunity to speak to peers on health related issues. We also hold events to educate students. Our most recent event was ‘Safe Sex Bingo’ on Thursday, January 30th. We had 40 students attend!

    Q.  When is the next event?
    A.  Our next event is called ‘Sex is Bananas’ and will be held on Friday, February 28th from 9:00 p.m.  – 11:00 p.m. in the Atrium. There will be a banana split station and educational games. 

    Q.  Will any other events be held this semester?
    A.  We are planning a Fashion Show for March…stay tuned!

    Q.  How can students get involved in M.A.D.E.?
    A.  Our group typically meets in the campus center on Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. All students are welcome! Students can contact the student activities office to check on the meeting schedules.

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