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    On Wednesday, August 8, 2014 President, Dr. Paula M. Rooney, Vice President of Enrollment Services and Marketing, John Marcus, Professor of Business and Director of the Dean Leadership Institute, Dr. P. Gerard Shaw, and Dean College Board of Trustee, Theresa M. Robbins visited Hong Kong for the Dean College Hong Kong Dinner in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Dean with alumni, current and incoming students. The dinner was hosted by Dr. Rooney and Director of Litz USA Student Service, Kitty Wu.

    While at the reception, incoming students were able to network with former alumni, meet current students and ask Dean representatives any questions that they may have for the upcoming semester. The reception included Dean alums ranging in class years from 1951 to 2014. Many of these students continued their studies after Dean and have since graduated from impressive schools, such as Michigan, USC, UCLA, Berkeley, Minnesota, DePauw, Syracuse, UNC Chapel Hill, UMiami, and Cornell to name a few! 

    Fun was had by all – including close to 150 people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a current student, as well as alumni and students sharing personal stories of their experiences at Dean, not to mention a few tall tales of ‘ghosts’ spotted in our old buildings! 

    Dean is proud of the relationship fostered between the college and Litz USA Student Service in Hong Kong. In recognition of the continued partnership, a plaque was given to the Director, Kitty Wu at the reception.

    In just a few short weeks, Dean will welcome students from all around the world to campus. We can’t wait for you to make new memories to share at future alumni events!

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