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  • Senior Kim Fife to Take on Lead Role of Sally Bowles in Cabaret

    Senior Kim Fife (Woburn, MA) has been preparing for her leading role in the Dean College production of Cabaret. We spent some time with Kim talking to her about her experience in the production.

    Kim Fife HeadshotHow much work & preparation goes into being one of the starring roles in the production?
    For me, work on Sally Bowles began in the summer with learning all the music and reading the script before auditions. Once cast, the first thing I start with is research. There's a lot of history behind Cabaret and the character that I needed to learn. After that, I could begin discovering my take on the character and start writing in my journal as Sally. Much character work was done in collaboration with Matt (Greene) the director through many talks and shared research.

    Suppose I have never heard of Cabaret -- what can I expect to see when I come see the show?
    People who have never seen Cabaret are in for a treat! But don't expect a happy go lucky musical theatre show full of jazz squares and glitter. This piece is dark, scandalous, and hopefully moving. The audience will be swept away into a unique story that will definitely make them laugh but could also make them cry. 

    Dean has traditionally put an interesting spin on some productions – what can we expect out of Dean’s production of Cabaret?
    This production of Cabaret is darker than the original. For people who know the music of Cabaret, this production will make people think about what the words to their favorite tunes really mean. It gets right down to the grit and truth of whats happening to the characters and whats happening in the time period. 

    Talk a little bit about your fellow cast-mates and the production crew as you prepare for this large role in the production.
    Each person in the cast makes such a strong contribution to the show. The small cast meshes well together and everyone has something unique they've brought to the table to help make the production what is it. As someone in the show who has many props to deal with, I am so thankful at every rehearsal for the production team. The tech crew, made up of mostly freshman, are doing a wonderful job and are really there for the actors. 

    Tell us a little bit about your character and its role in the show.
    Sally Bowles is one of the most interesting characters I've ever had the opportunity to play. She lives in Berlin, Germany where she works at a night club as a cabaret singer/dancer. Her dream is to be famous and she will stop at nothing to make that dream a reality. This often means doing things that are very immoral or worse, hurting someone she loves. 19 year old Sally creates a facade for herself as someone "mysterious and fascinating"  so people will perceive her in a certain way. She often gets lost in her own creative imagination while also dealing with side effects from drugs. Her role in the show is the link between the world of the Kit Kat Club and the world of Nazi Germany. She does not understand what's happening with politics and when she falls for the handsome author Cliff Bradshaw, these two worlds collide.  

    Fast forward 5 years. What are you ideally doing, professionally?
    Ideally in 5 years, I'll be living somewhere in New York City working as a professional actor. Preferably in musical theatre so I can continue to sing and dance as much as possible. I also was to keep writing music and playing gigs with my guitar and one day hopefully publish an album.

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