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  • Competing Against the Bulldogs

    Competing against Dean College in one of our 10 athletic programs? At Dean, we believe in sportsmanship and fair play and we promise to give you our best - both on the field and off.

    Facilities & Directions

    The training room is located on the first floor of Pieri Gymnasium (PG-5) on the main campus at Dean College. The facility will open two hours before a game and remain open at least one hour upon conclusion; our athletic complex at Longley Field is located one mile away from campus. Click here for directions to our facilities.

    Emergency Services

    All severe injuries will be transported to:
    Milford Hospital 
    14 Prospect Street
    Rte. 140 North, Milford, MA 01757 508-473-1190
    (508) 473-1190

    Campus Public Safety

    (508) 541-1888

    The following equipment will be supplied by Dean College - ice, water, plastic bags, crutches, splints.

    The following are available for your teams only with a written prescription from a doctor or note from the head athletic trainer - moist heat, warm or cold whirlpools.

    Please bring your own water bottles, cups and tape.

    A licensed certified athletic trainer will be on site at all home games; some teams will have a student functioning as a first aid person traveling to away contests. These individuals will introduce themselves to the host athletic trainer and coach upon arrival; an orthopedic surgeon and EMT's will be available for your teams at all home football games.

    For any sports medicine related questions, please contact:
    Brian S. Stefanik LATC Head Athletic Trainer, 508-541-1818
    Ricky Pimble, 508-541-1823
    Dr. Brian Busconi MD Orthopaedic, 508-458-4300
    Lauren Madden College Health/Wellness Center, 508-541-1600
    For other sports-related questions, please contact Athletic Director John Jackson at 508-541-1814.

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