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  • #waybackwednesday Makayla F.

    #waybackwednesday makayla

    With just over seven weeks until commencement, we've asked our seniors about their favorite activities, people and other aspects of Dean College. #waybackwednesday will feature weekly Q&A that will give you an inside perspective on student life at Dean College.

    Read on to learn more about Makayla F.!    

    What is your major? Why did you decide to pursue your selected major at Dean College?

    I am a business management major. I selected this major because ever since I was young I dreamed of starting something new—starting something from the bottom or revamping something that has already been created. The reason why I decided to attend Dean College was because of the partnership that Dean has with outside businesses, such as Kraft Sports + Entertainment. These partnerships allow direct access and connections with those businesses.

    What has been the best part of senior year at Dean?

    The best part of senior year at Dean has been seeing my commitment and hard work spread throughout the Dean Community — seeing those individuals who I have influenced be more considerate and take more chances. 

    Is there a specific faculty/staff member that had a positive impact on your time here at Dean? What did they do to help you grow as a student? What year did you meet them?

    Many of the Dean College faculty/staff members have had a positive impact on my time here at Dean, but the one that affected my growth the most has been Krystal Ortiz, my lacrosse coach. She has been an inspiration to me on and off the field. Coach Ortiz taught me to keep pursuing my dreams and to never allow little things to affect me. I met Coach Ortiz in 2016, when she started her first season as lacrosse coach.

    What was your favorite event (sports, club/org, holiday, academic, etc.) that you participated in during your time at Dean? Please explain why and use detail.

    My favorite club that I have participated in during my time at Dean is the Student Activities Committee. This club is important to me as I started off as a general member, became the chair of marketing and finally was elected president of the organization. By being put into different positions I was able to expand my horizons and see what it takes to have responsibilities in different roles of an organization.

    What was your all-time favorite meal at the dining center during your time at Dean? Why?

    My all-time favorite meals in the dining center are buffalo chicken pizza and the buffalo chicken nuggets.

    Who was the first friend you met during your first year at Dean? How did you meet?

    My first year at Dean was spent with my hometown friends — we really stuck together. After being introduced to the Dean College Step Team I began to meet a lot of upperclassmen.

    What advice would you give yourself as a freshman coming into Dean?

    The advice that I would give to freshmen coming into Dean is to get involved. When you get involved it opens up different opportunities that will help you during your time here.

    What does The Dean Difference mean to you?

    What The Dean Difference means to me is opportunities and being able to put yourself out there.

    What are your plans after graduation?

    My plan after graduation is to earn my masters in special education and eventually work with children with learning challenges.

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