EMTS, Inc. Financial Loan Options

If you personal or family resources are not enough to cover your costs of attending the Paramedic Training Program at Dean College, private education loans may be a viable option to supplement your resources.

Students may borrow a loan to cover their entire cost of the program. A student's cost of attendance includes tuition and fees. While we are pleased to offer you two lenders who offer loans to non-degree program students, you are not limited to these lenders. Dean College will process a student loan from any lender and it is your right to apply for loans through the lender of your choice. Just be sure to indicate that you are in a non-degree program.

Dean College doesn't recommend any one specific lender. It is your responsibility as the loan borrower to compare loan options available to you and determine which loan will best fit both your short-term and long-term financial needs.

You may contact the Center for Student Financial Planning and Services, for more information. They are located on the first floor of Dean Hall. You may also reach the Center by calling 508-541-1518 or emailing sfp@dean.edu

For more information on lenders, visit: EMTS, Inc.