View messages from the Dean College President, Kenneth Elmore, J.D. to alumni.

 Kenneth Elmore, J.D. is the 14th president of Dean College. See messages to the alumni below.

Read the letter to alumni from Dean College from President Kenneth Elmore, J.D.


I am writing to you – our alumni – for the first time in my role as the fourteenth president of Dean College.

Throughout time, Dean has maintained a dedicated faculty and staff committed to offering individualized academic and personal support that has made a difference in many lives.  My work as an educator connects me to Dean College’s mission – The Dean Difference.  It has been evident in my upbringing and within my heart and I hope you consider me a newly discovered brother.  Alumni are essential and interested partners in efforts to continuously improve the student experience and to tell our stories to employers, partners, neighbors, friends, and each other.

I have received a warm embrace from the campus community and hope I can receive the same from you.  Throughout this year and next, our new and first Chancellor in Dean’s history, Edward M. Augustus, Jr. and I will seek your thoughts for meaningful, future goals for Dean College that we can embrace together.  In the more immediate moment – the next few months – I want to hear from you, especially, about your Dean College experience.  Invite me to your upcoming gatherings with other Dean College alumni (by sending a message to ).  I’ll try to fit your gathering into my schedule.

I leave you, for now, with a quick update.  This continues to a place and community rife with engagement, consistent and strong mentoring, curiosity, and care.  I am eager to lead our community – alumni, students, faculty, and staff – to empower and enable each other to continue to do our best work.

I am proud to represent you and Dean College in the world.

In humbleness of mind and simplicity of heart,

Kenneth Elmore