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  • 5 New Year's Resolutions for Students

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    The holiday season is officially over, and it’s time to get back into the everyday routine of going to class and studying hard! New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity to motivate yourself in 2018 – whether it be an academic goal, personal goal or something else! Here are our top 5 suggestions for resolutions this year!

    1. Stop procrastinating. We’re all guilty of doing this – waiting until the night before to start an assignment due the next day. It’s easy to get in this habit of waiting until the last minute but it can also be very stressful. This semester, make it a point to start your assignments earlier. You’ll feel less rushed and panicked to get it done, and all of the extra concentration will mean less mistakes

    2. Meet new people. New Year, more friends! Keep your dorm room door open, join a new club, or sit with a new crowd of people in the dining hall.

    3. Exercise. It’s usually easier to sacrifice exercise in order to stay ahead in classes and have time for friends. Instead of making your goal to go to the gym, try to make your goal more specific such as exercising for 30 minutes every day. By quantifying your goal, you’ll be less likely to skip!

    4. Eat healthier. The dining center has so many different options to choose from! Start with small changes such as eating from the salad bar once a week instead of gravitating towards the pizza every day.

    5. Save money. We all know life is expensive but make it a point to start saving now! Even just saving small amounts at a time can start to add up! Try setting aside $15 each week and by the end of 2018, you’ll have $720 saved!

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