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  • Congratulations to Spring Semester Honors Scholars

    Campus Center 2017

    Dean College is pleased to recognize those students who have earned Honors Scholar status for the Spring 2018 semester.

    Students earning this honor have taken Honors courses; earned a place on the Dean’s or President’s list this semester; participated in casts/crews, clubs & organizations; and have attended performances, speaker events and more both on- and off-campus. 

    Please help us congratulate the students listed below who are living up to our college motto, forti et fideli nihil difficile: for the strong and faithful, nothing is too difficult.

    Roland Arcand III
    Megan Arrington
    Casey Banville
    Nora Beard
    Monika Benson
    Erin Burns
    Morgan Cacciapouti
    Kaeley Cahill
    Lawren Camper
    Yi Wing (angel) Chan
    Vicenzo Convertino
    Isabella Curci
    Samantha Curren
    Amanda Delore
    Liam Devine
    Jacob Dilauro
    Margaret Donius
    Hannah Gagnon
    Alyssa Gillin
    Eliza Graff
    Courtney Holden
    Amanda Hyden
    Anne Iwata
    Madison Kowal
    Chi Ying Kwan
    Pak Hei Lo
    Zhengan Lyu
    Victoria Midkiff
    Ashley Miller
    Wynter Morin
    Rebecca Murphy
    Emily Nestor
    Kelsey Norris
    Alyssa Norton
    Bailey Peicott
    Lily Plummer
    Taionna Pope
    Anna Proulx
    Ashley Rainey
    Hannah Ranco
    Melissa Reinertson
    Nicholas Rockwell
    Alexandra Roden
    Rachel Rome
    Kelsie Roy
    Ross Rubin
    Shushi Sakata
    Adrena Santorsola
    Celine Santorsola
    Michele Sessa
    Georgia Shurtleff
    Shania Simko
    Hin Fung Siu
    Cassidy Smith
    Deanna St. Germain
    Emma Stevens
    Jaime Sweeney
    Victoria Swillum
    Bailey Williams
    Alexander Wilson
    Hiu Lam (hazel) Wong
    Emily Yeo

    Congratulations Bulldogs!

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