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    College can be stressful at times. With homework, exams, athletics, and a social life it can be hard to find time to maintain a healthy diet. But staying healthy at school doesn’t have to be hard. The Dean College Dining Center is here to help!

    In honor of National Nutrition Month, check out these ten tips from Dean College Dining Services to stay healthy this semester!

    1. Drink a lot of water. Try to make water your “go-to” beverage at every meal.

    2. Eat breakfast. Start your morning off right with fruit, low fat milk, yogurt, whole grain hot cereals and lean protein like eggs. Try including veggies too with a delicious mushroom and spinach omelet.  

    3. Eat attentively. Sit with friends at a table, relax and enjoy your meal instead of absentmindedly munching in front of the tv or computer.

    4. Get active. Find a fun activity that burns off steam and calories such as an intramural sport, going to the gym, or even just a short walk.

    5. Small portions. Start off your meal with half your normal portion size. Make sure to eat slowly and stop when you are satisfied – not when you’re stuffed! This will help you learn when your body is truly hungry rather than just eating because of boredom.

    6. Eat fruits and vegetables. Try to make half of your plate fruits and vegetables. Another useful trick is to incorporate vegetables into your meals at the “build your own” stations.

    7. Track your calories. Download an app such as My Fitness Pal to track your meals and workouts. My Fitness Pal includes thousands of Sodexo recipes to make it easy to log your meals.

    8. Eat whole grains. Eating grains such as quinoa, brown rice, and whole grain bread is more nutritious, more filling and more tasty than other grains!

    9. Avoid processed sugar. Train your taste buds to appreciate the natural sweetness of fruit and avoid added sugar in coffee, sweetened beverages, pastries and desserts.

    10. Stop snacking for entertainment. Instead of eating a bag of chips out of boredom, only snack when you really need one. When you do snack, try to choose a healthy snack such as fruit.

    The Dining Services at Dean College works hard to deliver quality, variety and convenience. To learn more about the dining services and dining options on the Dean College campus, visit

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