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  • The Intern Corner: Avoiding The Freshman 15

    Freshman 15

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    Unfortunately, this is NOT a made-up thing. Gaining weight isn’t necessarily a bad thing but most people do not want to gain an additional 15 pounds. Try not to worry about it too much though. If you are aware of the dreaded freshman 15, you will be more likely to avoid it.  It is important to know that exercise and diet are key. Here are some tips because not everyone is a nutritionist or a body builder.

    When looking at your schedule, plan times where you can go to the gym. It is important to work exercise into your weekly schedule because you are not helping yourself if you only go to the gym twice at the beginning of the semester. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for a long time or even every day, just try to get into the habit of going. It can even be fun if you bring a “gym buddy” along with you to the Kokes Fitness Center to use the machines, or to take advantage of the Zumba and yoga class offerings!

    Dean College also offers intramural sport teams. Every semester features two, four-week sports leagues played in Pieri Gym or Grant Field. These are fun because you don’t need to have any experience, they’re competitive, and it’s a great way to hang out with your friends while getting in a good workout! To learn more about why you should stay active with our intramural options, click here!

    Just because there is unlimited food at the dining hall doesn’t mean you should have to eat everything in one sitting. The cookies may be amazing but you will thank yourself later if you avoid eating three cookies every night. Make it a goal to have at least one serving of fruit and vegetable at every meal. For some additional tips on how to eat healthy at school, click here!

    By eating healthy and staying active you will not only look great but you will also feel more confident. 

    Author: Hallie Menchin

     Hallie - Marketing Intern

    About Hallie: Hallie is a sophomore marketing major studying at the Isenbeg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  She is interning for the marketing division here at Dean College for the summer. Her passion for blog writing, social media, and graphic design will surely be utilized. This Massachusetts native is excited to learn the ins and outs of Dean College and report right back here!

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