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  • The Road to Becoming a New England Patriots Cheerleader

    adrena dean college

    Dance major Adrena Santorsola ’19 is auditioning to become a New England Patriots Cheerleader! The final auditions are Saturday, March 18, 2017 at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in CT. Read on for Q&A with Adrena about the process!

    Q. What made you want to audition for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders?

    A. I have never actually done cheerleading before and my style of dance choice is modern, which is the opposite of what the Patriots Cheerleaders do. My sister Leanne, who has a similar dance background as me, decided to go outside the box and auditioned last year. Due to her making the team and having such an unbelievable experience, she encouraged me to try something different and audition as well.

    Q. What kind of things did you do to prepare yourself for auditions mentally/physically?

    A. To prepare myself mentally for an audition, I create the best and worst possible outcomes in my head. Because the worst situation is that I simply don’t make it, I now have the mindset that I have nothing to lose, which makes my confidence walking in a little stronger. I physically prepare myself by hydrating and eating healthy! Water is the solution to everything: stamina, stress, and focus. Eating healthy helps with being properly fueled and ready for anything. 

    Q. How do you feel that your training as a dance student at Dean has prepared you for professional auditions?

    A. If anything, Dean College has encouraged me to try anything and everything before deciding that it’s not for me. Although this sounds like an obvious concept, before I came to Dean I would’ve never thought I’d be auditioning for the Patriots Cheerleaders!

    Q. What advice would you give to other dancers who want to audition for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders or any professional organization?

    A. Advice I’d give to any other dancers who potentially want to audition for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders is to be confident in yourself. To those who love to perform, there’s no better stage than an NFL field! Dancing in front of millions of people requires confidence, so own it! 

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