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  • #waybackwednesday Anthony Cataldo

    #waybackwednesday Anthony Cataldo

    With less than 25 days to commencement, we've asked our seniors about their favorite activities, people and other aspects of Dean College. #waybackwednesday will feature a weekly Q&A with senior students to give YOU an inside perspective of The Dean Difference. 

    Read on to learn more about Anthony Cataldo!

    What is your favorite memory of your time at Dean?

    My favorite memory at Dean has been being able to represent Dean at multiple open houses. I’ve had the opportunity to share my story with prospective families and students and help them realize the true Dean Difference that I experienced.

    Who was the first friend you met during your first year at Dean? How did you meet?

    My first friend at Dean was Jesse Messier. We both met at New Student Orientation in the silver group. We were both Criminal Justice majors and we just clicked. We both stayed to complete our Bachelor’s degrees and are still best friends to this day.

    What was your all-time favorite meal at the dining center during your time at Dean? Why?

    My all-time favorite meal at the dining center during my time at Dean is the chicken patty cordon blue platter.

    What was your favorite event (sports, club/org, holiday, academic, etc) that you participated in during your time at Dean? Please explain why and use detail.

    My favorite event that I participated in while at Dean College was the Spring Fling Carnival in my junior year. I was the President of the Student Activities Committee and planned and managed the carnival with my executive board and committee.

    Is there a specific faculty/staff member that had a positive impact on your time here at Dean? What did they do to help you grow as a student? What year did you meet them?

    During my first weekend at Dean at the Bulldog Bash festival, I met Carlos Aguilera. I volunteered to help him run dodgeball during the event. Ever since then he has been my go to staff member here at Dean. When I became a community advisor, I served two years in Ewen Hall under his supervision. I was also his intern in the Kokes Fitness Center for one semester and I have also helped organize and manage the Dean Dash 5k Road race with Carlos for the past 3 years. Carlos has opened many doors for me and has made me grow not only as a person but also as a leader.

    What has been the best part of senior year at Dean?

    The best part of senior year so far is becoming closer to my friends and knowing that after Dean I know they will be my lifelong friends.

    What advice would you give yourself as a freshman coming into Dean?

    Some advice I would give to myself as a freshman is to enjoy the social times with friends just as much as worrying about work as after college your friends will still be there.

    What does the Dean Difference mean to you?

    The Dean Difference is how the staff and faculty connect to you and help you grow without letting you fall through the cracks. They have a way to stay on top of you without holding your hand. They work day in and day out to make sure every student is enjoying their college careers. As a student, you can definitely tell that the college is "all about the students."

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