Emergency Services

  • Safety First

    At Dean College, our student's safety is always our number one concern.

    A student may be in crisis if he or she is exhibiting any of the following:

    • Suicidal behavior, attempts and/or explicit statements
    • Extreme anxiety resulting in panic reactions
    • Severe obsessive thinking
    • Inability to communicate (garbled or slurred speech, disjointed thoughts)
    • Confusion, disorientation, hallucinations or delusions
    • Highly disruptive behavior (hostility, aggression, violence)

    Also be aware of the potential for violence, particularly if you notice:

    • Alcohol or drug intoxication
    • Homicidal threats (written or verbal) or attempted assault
    • Paranoia, agitation, hostility, aggression
    • Recent acts of violence or property damage
    • Destruction of property or other criminal acts

    If you believe a student may be in imminent danger, a harm to self or others, 
    call Campus Safety at 508-541-1888 or 911.
     Or, call Counseling Services at
    508-541-1838 for help in assessing the situation.  

    Additional Important Numbers:

    Campus Safety

    Counseling Services

    Milford Regional Medical Center

    Franklin Police

    Rape Crisis Hotline


    New Hope Inc. (Domestic & sexual violence awareness)

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