Health Services FAQ

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      Are my records confidential? Will anyone know that I have visited Health Services?

      All information is confidential and available only to staff of Health Services. Information regarding your care or visit can only be released with your written consent. More detailed information regarding confidentiality is available at Health Services.
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      Can I get a medical excuse from Health Services?

      The Health Center does NOT provide absentee notes for missed classes.

      The Health Center will NOT provide students with excuses for short-term absences from class, labs, studios, exams, or deadlines due to illness, injury, or other medical appointments. In the event of a prolonged illness or injury requiring medical attention and an absence of more than three days, where the student has received their medical care through the Dean College Health Services department, the Health Center can provide students appropriate documentation.  This documentation will be provided to the students Advisor so that they can communicate with all of the student’s professors.

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      Can I get a physical exam performed by Health Services?

      Yes, however, since we are not able to bill insurance, we will charge $75 to your student account for thee cost of the exam. Therefore, we strongly urge you to have your physical exam done by your health care provider prior to arrival on campus. We must have your complete immunization records before we can schedule your exam.
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      How can I be seen at Health Services?

      Most students are seen on a walk-in basis for Health Services. If the volume of student visits is high, students will be asked to make an appointment later in the day.
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      How do I make an appointment?

      Just stop by Chapman House or call 508-541-1600 during office hours. Speak with Teri Marshall to make a confidential appointment with the Nurse Practitioner. We make every effort to see you in a timely manner.

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      If the Nurse Practitioner prescribes a medication, how do I get it? Is there a pharmacy on campus?

      There are no pharmacy services on campus. However, there are five pharmacies within a mile of Dean College. The closest pharmacy is Walgreens on East Central Street, half-mile from campus. The College also provides a shuttle service to transport students to local services off campus. The pharmacies are all accessible on the shuttle runs.
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      May I be exempt from the required immunizations?

      Students may seek exemption for medical or religious reasons. Students must complete the religious/medical exemption form as well as information requested below and upload this documentation through the Student Health Portal. 

      Medical exemption requests - students will need to provide documentation from a health care provider stating that the vaccines are medically contraindicated.

      Religious exemption requests- students should provide a signed statement that vaccines are contrary to the student’s sincere religious beliefs. Copies of paperwork documenting religious affiliation and history from previous schools are also acceptable.

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      What do I do if I am sick and Health Services is closed?

      There is no overnight infirmary on campus. Students who become seriously ill or injured after hours should call Campus Safety or go to the Emergency Room at Milford Regional Medical Center.

      Campus Safety can be reached 24 hours a day at 508-541-1888. Campus Safety Officers are trained to assess and evaluate students, can provide first aid, and can arrange for transportation to the emergency room, if necessary.

      Milford Regional Medical Center Emergency Room
      14 Prospect Street
      Milford, MA 01757


      If the illness or injury is not an emergency, students are encouraged to wait until Health Services opens for prompt evaluation and treatment. Students can also contact their own primary care provider (PCP).

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      What if I need a prescription for medication?

      The Nurse Practitioners are licensed to prescribe medications in the care of illnesses, injuries and general health care. Some over-the-counter medications for emergent care are available at Health Services.
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      What pharmacies are near campus?

      List of pharmacies near campus, locations, hours, phone, fax: 

      Walgreens Pharmacy
      160 East Central Street, Franklin MA
      Phone: 508-541-1436
      Fax: 508-528-0687
      Distance from campus - 0.63 mi
      *Prescription delivery service
      Hours: M-F 8am-10pm; Sat 9am-6pm; Sun 10am-6pm

      272 East Central Street, Franklin MA
      Phone: 508-528-0597
      Fax: 508-520-9013
      Distance - 0.83 mi
      *Minute Clinic location
      Hours: Open 24 hours

      435 West Central Street, Franklin MA
      Phone: 508-520-0253
      Fax: 508-520-
      Distance - 0.82 mi
      Hours: M-F 8am-10pm; Sat & Sun - 8am-6pm

      Stop & Shop
      40 Franklin Village Drive, Franklin MA
      Phone: 508-520-4106
      Distance - 1.28 mi
      Hours: M-F 9am-8pm; Sat 9am-5pm; Sun 10am-3pm

      Others:  Rite-Aid; Star Market (Osco)
      Horace Mann Plaza, 432 West Central Street, Franklin MA

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