Honors Program

  • You're Smart, We're Honored

    Internships and Study AbroadWe are seeking interesting and interested students to join this dynamic enhanced-learning experience. Students enter the Honors Program at Dean via several pathways. Many Honors students are invited into the program during the Admissions process and may start their Dean experience taking Honors courses. Once at Dean, students will continue to be invited based on scholastic achievement and faculty-staff recommendations. Students may also apply to join program at any time during their Dean career.

    Honors Courses and Activities

    Through the Honors courses, students will explore subject matter more deeply, and will develop their critical thinking and writing skills thereby enhancing their intellectual capacity. Honors courses are also a well-spring of camaraderie and networking opportunities. The program offers three distinct course types:

    • Stand-alone courses such as English Composition, Communication Fundamentals, core-distribution elective requirements, and courses in various majors.
    • Small-group and individualized courses that offer wide flexibility so students can tailor their Honors experience to their specific learning needs.
    • The Interdisciplinary Honors Colloquium: an always-new special topics course offered multiple times per year, including the annual research course featuring international travel.

      The cultural and co-curricular component of the Honors Program enriches the educational experience of the honors scholars by exposing them to a wide variety of cultural and co-curricular offerings, contributing to their well-rounded liberal arts education.

      In past years, cultural and co-curricular offerings have included:

      • Honors receptions with campus speakers, including All Souls author Michael Patrick MacDonald and Breach of Faith author Jed Horne
      • Trips to museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston 
      • On and off-campus theatre productions
      • Volunteerism, such as participating in the New Orleans rebuild, building an orphanage in Haiti following the earthquake, and participating in awareness events like the Autism Walk
      • On and off-campus theatre productions and 'talk backs'

      Earning Honors Scholar Status

      Students will be recognized as Honors Scholars at the end of a given semester and/or upon graduation as follows:
      To earn Honors Scholar status for a given semester

      1. ENROLL! Take an Honors courses (two per semester for FR/SO, one per semester for JR/SR)
      2. PARTICIPATE! Be a member of a club, organization, cast or crew, be a peer tutor or volunteer, etc.
      3. ATTEND! Go to at least three performances, museums, special lectures/presentations, etc.
      4. EXCEL! Make Dean's List or President's List.

      To graduate as an Honors Scholar

      • For AA/AS students: Earn Honor Scholar status in three out of four semesters
      • For BA/BS students: Earn Honors Scholar status in six out of eight semesters

      All Honors Scholar graduates must also earn the designated Grade Point Average to graduate with “Honors” (minimum 3.2 GPA).

      For more information:
      Dr. Rob Lawson, Director of the Honors Program
      Professor of History
      Phone: 508.541.1752

    Take the next Step

    • Study Abroad Trips

      In the past, Dean College students have traveled to the following locations as part of a Dean College course:

      • 2014: Spain, Morocco, London, Paris, Zurich
      • 2015: Italy and Greece
      • 2016: Germany and Central Europe
      • 2017: France and Spain; London
      • 2018: Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, France
      • 2019:  Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria
    • US News Ranking

      US News consistently ranks Dean among the top Best Regional Colleges North