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  • What Sets Dean Apart?

    Presidents OfficeWhy Dean College?

    It's a question I am frequently asked by prospective students and their families. The answer is simple - Dean College is a solid investment toward the future.

    In an ever-changing and challenging economy, students and their families rightfully ask to know the true value of their college degree. How will the knowledge and skills learned at Dean College translate to the real world?

    At Dean College, we do not offer theoretical answers to such important questions. Instead, we look at the hard facts.

    We are very proud of the fact that 95 percent of our students have found jobs or are enrolled in graduate school within twelve months of graduation. Nearly 100 percent of our associate degree graduates are accepted to the nation's top colleges and universities. The numbers show that Dean College provides a strong return on investment for students and their families.


    The major reason for our success is the simple fact that we invest so much in our students. It's called The Dean Difference. We provide unmatched support, both academically and socially, tailored to each student's individual needs. For some students, it is about monitoring academic progress or providing appropriate accommodations and facilities to ensure their success. For others, it is about challenging them to move beyond their comfort zone and achieve at a level that truly matches their potential. Whatever each student's personal needs, Dean provides them with a nurturing environment to help them achieve their academic and life goals.


    As a private residential college, we offer a safe and protective environment on a 100-acre campus located in historic Franklin, MA, a tree-lined New England town recently voted one of the safest communities in the United States. Within this warm and welcoming community, Dean students learn through participation in class, internships and work-to-learn programs, and in clubs and organizations, artistic endeavors and athletic pursuits. They are supported by faculty and staff members who know each student by name, and encourage them in their hopes, dreams and aspirations.


    Dean College also provides each and every student with a robust academic platform upon which to achieve success, which could mean the completion of an associate degree and transfer to a four-year college or university or the completion of a baccalaureate degree - in one of thirteen programs we now offer. In the end, The Dean Difference is that we are with our students every step of the way on their journey toward a college degree, working with them as full partners in their education. This commitment stems from our understanding of the sacrifices and hard work required to obtain a college education, and our obligation to provide a high-quality academic and living environment.

    Dr. Paula M. Rooney, Ed.D.

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    Dean College is a private college offering both full and part-time programs. Today, Dean serves more than 1,100 full-time students and 300 part-time students, for a full-time enrollment of close to 1,400 and more than 25,000 alumni.