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  • #waybackwednesday Robert Nua T.

    #waybackwednesday Robert

    With just over six weeks until commencement, we've asked our seniors about their favorite activities, people and other aspects of Dean College. #waybackwednesday will feature weekly Q&A that will give you an inside perspective on student life at Dean College.

    Read on to learn more about Robert Nua T.!

    What is your major? Why did you decide to pursue your selected major at Dean College?

    I am a psychology major. I chose this major because I wanted to understand why I am the way I am and to learn how to be able to help others by knowing how people work.

    What has been the best part of senior year at Dean?

    The best part about my senior year has been being able to reflect on these past four years here through my classes, my friends and self-reflection.

    Is there a specific faculty/staff member that had a positive impact on your time here at Dean? What did they do to help you grow as a student? What year did you meet them?

    Faculty member Dean (David) Drucker. I met him on my first tour of the College, and he told me how amazing Dean is. When he talked to me, I felt a sense of comfort and trust, and that is when I knew I needed to go here. He has always been there to help and support me ever since.

    What was your favorite event (sports, club/org, holiday, academic, etc.) that you participated in during your time at Dean? Please explain why and use detail.

    My favorite club that I was a part of at Dean was the Rotaract Club. I was the president my sophomore year, and I had a lot of fun responsibilities.

    What was your all-time favorite meal at the dining center during your time at Dean? Why?

    The shrimp gumbo dish!

    Who was the first friend you met during your first year at Dean? How did you meet?

    A man named Nabeel, who is my greatest friend to this day.

    What advice would you give yourself as a freshman coming into Dean?

    Don't overthink and believe in yourself.

    What does The Dean Difference mean to you?

    To me, the Dean Difference helps set the path for finding your true passion and developing into the best possible version of yourself. The opportunities presented here, on top of Dean's supportive community, help allow students to create strong relationships and make a difference in people's lives. When you get involved here, you not only find that you are guiding others, but yourself as well, which essentially will help shape you into the person you aspire to be.

    What are your plans after graduation?

    I will be attending graduate school at NYU to receive my masters in marriage and family counseling.

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