Dean College students taking part in a live Dean TV broadcast in the Digital Studios

Looking to get real-world experience in live video shoots? Then Dean TV is for you. Housed in the Digital Studios and located in Dean Hall, Dean TV allows students the unique opportunity to work as creators, segment producers, talent and crew to produce news, entertainment and sports programming to the Dean community and the surrounding geographic area. 

Dean TV (COM 116) is a 1-2 credit course, instructed by Professor Gregg Seibert, that gives students the opportunity to work as members of a production team streaming Dean College events. Team members develop skills, including setup, breakdown and operation of video production and editing equipment, while adhering to all safety procedures. 

If you are at a Dean sporting event, you are likely to spot Dean TV! Students work in partnership with the WGAO 88.3 FM broadcast team, syncing their live commentary with the live video for streaming. Everything is done as professionally as possible to give students a clear idea of what working in television after college would be like. 

Upon completion of Dean TV and additional communications courses, students are invited to enroll in Advanced Dean TV: Producing and Directing (COM 355), where they can serve as directors and will be assigned a production crew.

This year, senior communications major Khanisha ˈ20, is completing an internship as the Dean Stream Team Student Production Manager. 

“I started working with Dean TV during my sophomore year and have learned many camera skills and techniques,” said Khanisha. “As a director, I have developed strong leadership skills and have been given the opportunity to discover my artistic style when it comes to filming.” 

By experiencing the Dean TV course, our students develop and deepen their skills as solo broadcasters as well as members on a production team. Go Dean Team! 

Learn more about Dean TV and the Communications program at Dean College.