Dean College is committed to building an inclusive campus community that is accepting, respectful and welcoming of students, faculty and staff of all identities.

Celebrating Diversity 

Respecting and supporting a diverse and inclusive environment is the responsibility of everyone at Dean College. Our diverse Community of students, faculty and staff represents a wide range of identities, backgrounds and cultures from across the country and around the globe. We recognize and celebrate our differences and know that a diverse community is vital to fostering a safe and welcoming environment for all. Our Community collaborates to provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff and alumni to engage in education, activism and empowerment. Together, we’ve developed innovative programs, teaching practices and leadership experiences which create a culture of belonging.

Our Commitment 

One of the paramount goals of the Dean College Strategic Plan is to ensure an equitable and respectful campus environment for all students, faculty and staff which is free from discrimination and harassment, regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, age, economic status, political belief, neurodiversity or genetic information. 

The Social Responsibility, Equity and Antiracism Work Team is a group of Dean College faculty, staff, alumni and students created in support of this goal and responsible for advocating and coordinating college-wide efforts to advise on critical issues of diversity and inclusion across the Dean College campus. 

The Work Team will continue to provide guidance for our Community on issues related to inclusion, equity, racial justice and social responsibility across our curriculum and all aspects of campus and work life; engage with Dean’s leadership team to ensure that equitable and respectful behaviors define the day-to-day culture for students, faculty and staff; provide two-way channels of communication with stakeholders regarding inclusion in all aspects of campus and work life, allowing for feedback and thoughtful discussion; and develop programming and professional development opportunities for students, faculty and staff to address social responsibility, racial justice, inclusion and equity.

Action Steps 

The Social Responsibility, Equity and Antiracism Work Team was formed with the primary function to ensure that social responsibility, social justice and equity are core to Dean College’s Mission and Vision as represented in the life of our campus—in the classroom and beyond.

The Social Responsibility, Equity and Antiracism Work Team has completed a variety of campus-wide goals and programming.

  • The Team held multiple programs and events, including a virtual vigil for social justice and change, virtual guest speakers and community discussion opportunities for students, faculty, staff and alumni.
  • The Team facilitated multiple professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, training for student leaders and other campus-wide programs.
  • The Team created a subcommittee focused on voter education and registration, which included both members of the Work Team and faculty and staff throughout the College. Informational sessions, open forums and debate watch parties were held throughout the election season. The committee has recruited new members and has begun planning for programming leading up to the 2022 elections.
  • A Global and Intercultural Fluency student learning goal was embedded throughout the curriculum and co-curriculum. Through pursuit of this Global and Intercultural Fluency learning goal, students will demonstrate awareness and respect for commonalities across and differences between identities, cultures and experiences.
  • A resource page including readings, videos, activities and more was made available to the Dean Community on the College’s intranet, Today@Dean.
  • The Team conducted reviews of admissions, financial aid, and internal and external hiring policies to ensure fair and equitable access.

Social Responsibility, Equity and Antiracism Fund

As the Social Responsibility, Equity and Antiracism Work Team collaborates with the Dean Community— to close opportunity gaps and advance critical conversations and initiatives that promote inclusion, equity and social responsibility on campus and beyond—special funding is needed to be successful. Gifts from donors outside and inside of the College will allow this fund to be a resource.

The Social Responsibility, Equity and Antiracism Fund will be used to:

  • Provide critical support of initiatives, social activities and programming to educate and connect the entire Dean Community, while supporting and engaging our students.
  • Assist in bringing relevant training, guest speakers, community reads, and other projects to Dean to help broaden awareness of issues related to racial injustice, violence, diversity, equity and inclusion, while involving the Community in these vital conversations.

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Student Multicultural and Special Interest Clubs

These multicultural and special interest clubs foster critical thinking and the interchange of ideas at the intersections of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, socioeconomic and religious diversity.

  • Black Student Union
  • International Student Association (ISA)
  • Jewish Community Club
  • MyBlackSpeaks (performance club)
  • True Colors (LGBTQI)

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Accessibility and Support Services

The Office of Accessibility Services is committed to an accessible, inclusive campus environment which meets the needs of qualified individuals with disabilities. The College provides its full support and a variety of accommodations to any qualified student with a documented disability, including executive functioning disorder, sensory processing or nonverbal learning issues. We offer learning and academic support as well as auxiliary aids and services to qualified students with disabilities through the Office of Accessibility Services.

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Dean College Non-Discrimination Statement

Dean College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or other protected classes under the law.