The Engage Program is dedicated to nurturing self-advocacy skills and providing social support to empower Dean College students to thrive within a traditional college setting.

Nationally, three out of four students say they don’t feel prepared for college. Drawing upon over 25 years of expertise in learning support programs, we have recognized an unfulfilled niche. Dean College launched the Engage Program to support students who may face social and emotional challenges during their transition to college.

All new, incoming Dean students can take advantage of open enrollment. No application or documentation is required. Priority enrollment deadline is June 1st. 
Already admitted to Dean, enroll in Engage today via this short form.


  • Effective verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Reading and reacting to social cues
  • Emotional regulation
  • Making and nurturing relationships
  • Peer socialization
  • Self-care and balance
  • Effective academic planning and organization

Engage Program Services

Cultivating Skills and Creating Connections:

  • Weekly social skills groups
  • Planned social events
  • Peer mentoring program
  • One-on-one academic coaching tailored to individual learning styles
  • Study labs with monitoring
  • Health and wellness initiatives in collaboration with campus partners

Transitional Success and Support:

  • Early campus move-in opportunity
  • Prep for Success Orientation program
  • Access to Living and Learning Community specialized housing and residential staff
  • Low sensory group meeting space
  • Staff certification in social skills training and neurodivergence expertise

Our proven success: Fall 2023 program results

  • At a 100% retention rate from fall to spring, the program effectively fostered students' engagement and commitment
  • With an average GPA of 3.2, students demonstrated academic excellence alongside personal growth
  • Over 50% of participants were named to the Dean’s List underscoring the program’s positive impact on academic achievement

Engage Program Video Discussion 

Cost and Fees

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Engage Program Costs: $6500 per year.

Dean College offers a bundle with Engage and the Arch Learning Community for students who would benefit from both academic and social skills support for $9500 per year.

Additional Services

Dean College staff working with Dean College students

In addition to the fee-based Engage Program, free support services are available to all students at Dean.

Our free support services include discipline-specific tutoring with faculty and trained peer tutors, Math Center, Writing Center, Accessibility Services and Counseling and Health Services. Our assistive technology includes Read & Write, Smartpens, FM Systems, Bookshare, Dictation software.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Engage Program, please contact Lynne Dasilva.

Lynne Dasilva, Director of Arch Learning Community

Lynne Dasilva

Address 99 Main Street, Franklin, MA 02038