Dean College is dedicated to providing students with a safe, responsible community.

About the Office of Student Conduct 

Dean College’s office of Student Conduct & Community Standards promotes a living and learning environment, both in and out of the classroom, founded on the values of the Dean College Community:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Community Accountability
  • Mutual Respect

Through individual interventions and larger community initiatives, the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards addresses issues that impact the college community and fosters personal growth and development. Our goal is to provide an experience that encourages students to be contributing members of society and educated global citizens.

As an active member of the Dean College community, each student is expected to adhere to and support the community's core values.  Dean requires students to comply with the letter and spirit of the conduct rules set forth in this Handbook and to obey all local, state, and federal laws. Students will be held responsible for their actions and must make sure their actions do not interfere with the safety, well-being, or rights of others. 

Read more about the College’s Community Standards and College Policies in the Code of Student Conduct.

We encourage current and prospective Dean community members to contact Shawn Tremblay with any questions, to request more information or to discuss Dean College’s student conduct policies & procedures. Former students may request a release of their conduct record by submitting a Student Conduct Records Release

For more information regarding how Dean College responds to sexual misconduct incidents, please visit the Title IX & Sexual Misconduct Response page.

Shawn Tremblay

Shawn Tremblay

Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards