The Arch Learning Community at Dean College supports students with diagnosed learning disabilities or differences by offering cohort classroom learning, customized coaching, weekly seminar classes and specialized advising.

Arch Learning Community

The widely regarded Arch Learning Community program at Dean College is designed to provide comprehensive support to students with diagnosed learning disabilities and/or other learning differences, such as attention and memory difficulties, who would benefit from additional academic support while taking part in a traditional college curriculum.Dean College Arch 20 Years Logo

Through individual academic coaching, Arch-designated courses and specialized success and career advising, students will work within the program to acquire the skills necessary to be successful in their degree program.

Students who are accepted into the Arch Learning Community may choose to enroll in the program for one or two years, or for the duration of their time at the college. With a 95% retention rate from the fall to spring semester, this program has been proven to be an invaluable experience to those who participate.

Dean College campus in the fall

Enrollment Criteria

Learn more about the criteria to enroll in the Arch Learning Program.

Cost & Fees

Through individual academic coaching, two Arch-designed core courses (non-modified) each semester of freshman year, and along with specialized success and career advising and individualized career planning, you will work to acquire the skills necessary to be successful in your degree program.

Our staff works with you to develop strategies for becoming an active participant in your education, advocating for your learning style and taking greater responsibility for your role in the learning process.

Arch Program Cost:  $7500 per year beginning in Fall 2024*.

Dean College offers a bundle with the Engage Program for students who would benefit from both academic and social skills support for $9500 per year.

Additional Services

Dean College students working with their Success and Career Advisor In addition to the fee-based Arch Learning Community, free support services are available to all students at Dean.

Our free support services include discipline-specific tutoring with faculty and trained peer tutors, Math Center, Writing Center, Accessibility Support Services and Counseling and Health Services. Our assistive technology includes Read & Write, Smartpens, FM Systems, Zoom Text, Bookshare, iPad apps and dictation software.

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Lynne Dasilva

Lynne Dasilva

Director of Arch Learning Community
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