The Arch Learning Community program is designed for students with diagnosed learning disabilities who would benefit from additional academic support while enrolled in our standard college curriculum.

Criteria to Enroll

We accept students with a wide range of learning disabilities. To apply to Dean College and the Arch Learning Community program:

  • Complete the Dean College admissions application or Common Application. Answer “yes” to the question that asks if you would like to apply to the Arch Learning Community.
  • Complete the Arch Learning Community program online application.
  • Submit official high school transcript(s) from all schools attended.
  • Provide documentation of a learning disability. Testing must be recent (within the past three years), completed by a qualified evaluator and include aptitude and achievement tests. Submit your documents and accessibility needs online via the Dean College - Accessibility Requests and Documentation Form for evaluation. 
  • Recommend a full-scale IQ of 90 or above, determined by testing through assessments such as Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Third Edition, Woodcock
  • Johnson-III-Tests of Cognitive Ability or Stanford Binet IV (preferred). Ideal Arch candidates are students who have a discrepancy between measured intelligence and achievement that is directly related to their diagnosed disability.
  • Demonstrate the ability to live independently in a college campus environment.
  • Register for an Arch admission interview.

Successful Arch students possess the desire to understand their academic challenges and participate actively in the program to develop individual learning strategies, in addition to making good use of all programmatic and campus resources.