The cost of a private education is less then you may think. Let's work together to make college your reality.

Investing in Your Future

Attending Dean College means you will have access to a dynamic curriculum, top-notch learning support, and a diverse and dynamic community. 

Dean is doing all we can to make college affordable. Over the past three years, Dean has provided an average of $25 million in institutional aid to students. This, in addition to financial aid will significantly reduce the cost of attendance for most students. Dean College has also been nationally recognized as a 2023-2024 Affordable College of Distinction.

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Check out how affordable a Dean College education can be:

2024-2025 Average Out of Pocket Investment  

Residential Students  Commuter Students 
$25,190 $15,626

2024-2025 Average Cost Breakdown 

Average Direct Cost Resident  Commuter 
Tuition  $46,276 $46,276
Room/Unlimited Meals  $19,864 $0
Fees $550 $550
Total Cost  $66,690 $46,826
Average Financial Aid Award Resident  Commuter
Scholarships and Grants  $36,000 $25,700
Federal Student Loans  $5,500 $5,500
Total Financial Aid Package  $41,500 $31,200
Average Out of Pocket Investment  $25,190 $15,626
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Cost of Attendance and Other Fees

We estimate additional expenses for books, travel and personal expenses that are inherent with attending Dean College.

Dean College campus during the spring

College Refund Policies

Find information for students wanting to withdraw voluntarily from Dean College.