Learn more about the additional fees to consider.

Additional Fees to Consider

We estimate additional expenses for books, travel and personal expenses that are inherent with attending Dean College. These expenses are not charged to your student account.

  • Books: $1,000 per year
  • Transportation: $1,000 per year
  • Personal Expenses: $500 per year

Student Health Insurance

The State of Massachusetts requires all students to be covered by health insurance. All incoming students will be charged $2,645.16 for health insurance on their Fall 2023 term bill. Students who enroll in the school’s health insurance plan in the Fall term will be insured from August 1, 2023 to July 31, 2024. 

Students are required to enroll or waive out of the school’s health insurance yearly on https://www2.academichealthplans.com/school/309.html.
After submitting the waiver, please print a confirmation page for your records. Additionally, you may deduct the health insurance charge from the bill once the health insurance waiver is approved. This charge cannot be waived for international students.

Academic Support and Learning Services

Dean College provides an educational opportunity to a wide variety of students with varying academic needs. In order to meet the needs of our students, the college has established several different programs designed to ensure academic success and help students achieve their academic potential.

These programs are fee-based and these fees will be added to your bill if you choose to enroll in one of these programs or if participation in a program is assigned by the Office of Admission as a condition of admission to the college.

Arch Learning Community

We offer specialized programs of support for students with learning or physical disabilities. Learn more about the Arch Learning Community and the additional costs of the program

Engage Program

We offer a specialized program to support students with adjustment and social functioning challenges. Learn more about the Engage Program and the additional costs of the program

Academic Coaching

Provides one-on-one tutoring from professional learning/reading, writing, and/or math specialists. The program is designed to build fundamental learning, writing and math skills necessary for college success. Academic Coaching teaches students to independently apply skills to their current coursework. Charges for the Academic Coaching Program are based on the level of service provided. Students may enroll for the semester for as little as one hour per week or for as much as five hours of assistance per week with a learning, writing or math specialist.

  • Cost: $850/semester for an hour per week of Academic Coaching

Parking Permits

  • Parking Permit for Residents:  $350 per year
  • Parking Permit for Commuters:  $100 per year

Course Fees

Some courses may have associated fees.

  • Course/Lab Fees: $50-$450 per course
  • Field Trip Fees: $30-$75 per course
  • Instrumental Music and Voice Instruction Fees: $675 for twelve 50-minute lessons per semester

Tuition Surcharge

  • $775 per additional credit hour over 18 credits in a term

Graduation Fee

  • $200 mandatory fee for all graduating students