A Dean College student holding a coffee cup in the Bulldog Beanery

Looking for a delicious cup of coffee and a place to decompress with a good book? Franklin has a few options within walking distance of the Dean College campus.

  1. Bulldog Beanery – Your first stop is right here at Dean. The Bulldog Beanery serves Starbucks coffee, along with an assortment of food, so you can grab your favorite Frappuccino after class. The Beanery also has a seating area where you can hang out with your friends or relax solo.
  2. Intermission – Part of the Franklin School for Performing Arts (FSPA), you can access this cute café from the Rockland Trust parking lot (just steps away from the campus center!). It features indoor and outdoor seating options and has a fun/artsy interior. In addition to coffee you can grab muffins, made-to-order sandwiches and more. 
  3. The Cake Bar – Coffee AND cupcakes? Delicious! In addition to their yummy cupcakes, The Cake Bar offers sandwiches, quiche and other deserts. But make sure to add a cupcake to whatever you order! If you are feeling creative, you can even leave a drawing on their chalkboard wall!
  4. Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House – According to Google, this is a 23-minute walk, so it could help you in a Fitbit competition if you are looking to boost your step count! This coffee house is known for their delicious crepes and have a wide variety of other offerings on the menu. There’s also a Dean student discount listed on the front page of the menu, so be sure to bring your ID! It has a classy, step back in time vibe.

Whatever atmosphere you are looking for in a coffee shop, one of these is sure to hit the spot! Learn more about Franklin and the local community.