Forensics is such a specialized field, so high school students who want to enter it need all of the experience they can get. On top of that, there's more to forensics than just lab work, so a forensics pre-college program may be just the realistic introduction that your student needs. While these pre-college programs don’t allow students to enter real crime scenes, they do get to learn about things like trace analysis, blood spatter, and forensic pathology. The problem lies in finding the right program that includes all of this and more. So, what exactly are you looking for on your search for a top-notch forensics pre-college program? Here are a few tips.

Look for Classes Taught by Experts

Before you and your high school student commit to a forensics pre-college program, ask plenty of questions. For example, ask about who will be teaching the classes, or in this particular case, the labs. The program offered by Dean College includes lectures from those active in the field, in academics, science, and law enforcement. This provides plenty of chances to learn about real-life forensics from every possible angle. Dean College ensures students get the full experience this way.

Dorm Options or Commuting?

Housing is another thing to look for. Students who want the full college experience may choose to live in a dorm, so it’s crucial to find a program that offers this type of housing. Local students may be able to commute to campus daily, as long as they live close enough. Commuting provides a different summer experience, albeit one where students can spend time learning about their chosen field during the day, before heading home at night.

Chances to Bond with Other Students

One of the best parts of a pre-college program is having the chance to bond with other students. Students who live in the same area for a certain period of time, like a dorm, have the chance to become friends with teens from other schools. The fact that they have a shared interest, in this case, forensics, helps quite a bit. At Dean College, the students in the pre-college program can either live in a dorm for its entire two weeks or commute if they live close enough. Plus, the school offers plenty of after-class and lab activities, including shopping at Patriot Place, going to 5 Wits, and spending time enjoying a number of other local attractions.

Is College Credit Available?

Finally, it’s important to make sure that students can receive college credit for attending the program. Students who attend the Forensics Pre-College Program at Dean College are eligible to earn college credits for their work. All they have to do is have the transcript from the session sent to the college that they choose to matriculate to. Having the chance to get a leg up on college is always a good idea – especially if your student already has an interest in the exciting field of forensics.