A forensics evidence document at the scene of a crime, as seen on during our forensic science summer programs, a great alternative to camps.

Television shows like Criminal Minds, CSI, Bones, and NCIS have made forensic science a hot career option. High schoolers who watch those shows want to know what it’s like to spend time out in the field or the lab, processing evidence and trying to catch the perpetrator. While these technicians, in real life, don’t have any contact with the suspects, they do get to look at and process evidence in order to help the detectives who do actually handle the arrests and the lawyers who handle the prosecution. Spending time in high school chemistry or biology class isn’t usually as exciting as the prospect of a forensic science summer program for high school students, making it a good idea to find one for your budding forensics specialist.

Experience The Field First-Hand

Those high school science classes are nothing compared to the excitement of learning how to process a crime scene and take fingerprints. During our pre-college forensic science program, students will spend two weeks learning more about the field both in and out of a classroom. The most exciting part will be outside, where they get to tour a police station and get a feel for what the forensic science field really consists of. Unlike a standard forensic science camp, students will get some real hands-on experience.

Attend Lectures Given by Professionals

Few people can explain the ins and outs of forensic science like those who’ve spent time in the field. They’ll tell the tales of how they caught certain local criminals, and even go into some depth about things like lab equipment and the science used by forensics experts. These lectures are made more interesting when they’re given as a part of the overall college experience, which is an important piece of all of our pre-college summer programs.

Spend Time in the Lab

One of the highlights of attending a forensic science summer program for high school students is spending time in the lab. These lab sessions are when budding professionals really to get process “evidence.” As a part of our program, students will analyze blood spatter, learn about blood typing, analyze stomach contents, and even spend some time on trace analysis, looking for threads and other telltale signs that will help the detectives determine who committed the crime. There are plenty of other lab experiments as well, all of which will help students determine whether or not the field is truly what they want to do as a profession.

Enjoy the College Experience

Of course, it is not a program for high school students without some time to experience college. Unlike many forensic science summer camps, our forensic science summer program will show students what college is really like.  Those selecting to stay overnight will eat in the cafeteria, stay in a dormitory, and get to know their fellow classmates. This balance between the fun college experience and the forensic science labs and lectures are really what make this program notable for high schoolers who want to do something different with their summers.

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