Alexandria Gomes

  • Major: Associate in Arts in Liberal Studies

    Dream Job: "As of right now my dream job would be to be an assistant to a higher up within a company or even a Franchise like the Boston Celtics or the New England Patriots. Personal assistant, too, could be a choice."

    Why Dean: "Because here the Dean Difference really matters. YOU as a person matter, becoming someone instead as being just another number. The professors won't hold your hand but they will give you all the tools needed to get anywhere you want to go in life."

    Favorite Campus Memory: "I've recently met these roommates, Bridget and Adriana. They embrace the differences in people and really appreciate people for who they are. We just kind of clicked from the first time we spoke. Our friendship is new but we can already tell this is going to be a friendship to last well beyond College."

    Memorable Quote: "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!" - Bob Marley

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