Auditions for Dance and Theatre

  • Auditioning for Dance and Theatre Programs


    Congratulations on considering the performing arts program at Dean College! Admission to the Dance or Theatre programs is based on review of academic credentials through the Dean College Application for Admission.

    Students applying to degree programs in Dance or Theatre are required to complete an on-campus audition in order to evaluate the applicant's ability to succeed within the demanding performance curriculum. Prospective students must complete their application for admission prior to participating in their audition. Students who are not accepted to a performing arts program based on their audition may be admitted to the college in another major and have the opportunity to re-audition during their freshman or sophomore year.

    Registration for the remaining audition dates:


    Saturday, February 20

    Saturday, March 12


    Saturday, February 20

    Saturday, March 12

    Applicants to the Palladino School of Dance 

    • The LIVE audition will be facilitated in a class setting where the applicant will demonstrate his or her ability in ballet, modern, jazz/hip hop and tap.
    • The audition will typically last five hours and serves as both your acceptance audition and level placement.

    Please arrive at your audition with the following:

    • Full-length photograph in dance attire illustrating appropriate form/posture.
    • A dance resume of the last four years.
    • Women should bring dress for Ballet (black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes), Modern (black leotard, black footless tights, bare feet), and Jazz/Hip Hop and Tap (jazz shoes/hip hop sneakers and oxford tap shoes are required, solid color dance pants allowed).
    • Men should bring dress for Ballet (black tights, white fitted T-shirt, dance belt, black ballet shoes), Modern (black footless tights, white or black fitted T-shirt), and Jazz/Hip hop (jazz shoes/hip hop sneakers and oxford tap shoes are required, solid color dance pants allowed).

    Applicants to the Theatre Program in the Dean College School of the Arts 

    • Acting students will prepare two contrasting monologues of no more than 2 minutes each.
    • Musical Theatre students will prepare a 2 minute monologue and one musical selection showing range of no more than 2 minutes. Applicants should provide their own sheet music.
    • Design/Tech students should contact the School of the Arts at 508-541-1606 for additional information on appropriate materials for developing a portfolio for consideration.

    Please arrive at your audition with the following:

    • Head shot
    • Theatrical resume

    *Alternative Audition Options

    We recognize that it may not be possible for all students to attend an on-campus audition.  While completion of the on-campus audition is an expectation for admission to Dean's programs, if this requirement will provide a hardship for you and your family based on your distance from campus, please contact Christy Parlon to explore alternative options. 

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    • Choreographers' Concert: Feb. 5 & 6, 2016
    • Dance Company: Time: April 28-May 7, 2016
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  • 2015-16 Theatre Performances

    • Hot L Baltimore: October 21-25, 2015
    • Bye, Bye Birdie: November 18-22, 2015
    • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead: March 2-6, 2016
    • Hair: April 6-10, 2016
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