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  • A Shared Connection

    Be ConnectedSince opening its doors in 1865, right through to the present day, the Dean campus has seen thousands upon thousands of individuals pass through, all in the pursuit of happiness and chasing down a dream. Yet amongst all of the interesting and unique individuals is one shared connection.

    Our goal is to create a lifelong experience that starts before students arrive on campus and lasts for many years after they cross the stage at Commencement. Dean College strives to create unique bonds among alumni, reunite and strengthen friendships, help alumni reminisce on an exciting exploratory time in their lives, and keeps alumni engaged with the Dean College of today.

    Alumni of Dean will go through many changes in their life, but one thing will remain constant -- Dean College will be there for you.

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  • My favorite memory is receiving the Trustee's Prize for General Excellence at graduation. I was deeply honored to receive that award.

    Freddy Wheeler '11

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