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    The Dean College School of the Arts is preparing for their second theatre production of the semester, Curtains. The show opens tomorrow, April 11th and will run through Sunday, April 15th, 2018.

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    Set in 1950’s Boston, Curtains is a musical mystery comedy based on the original book and concept by Peter Stone. This musical is a send-up of backstage murder mystery plot and follows the fallout when Jessica Cranshaw, the extremely untalented star of Robbin’ Hood of the Old West, is murdered during her opening night curtain call. It is up to musical theatre fan, police detective Lt. Frank Cioffi, to solve the murder and save the show. 

    Director James Beauregard along with cast members Sierra Key '18 (Niki Harris), Marissa Browning '20 (Bambi Bernet) and Kyle Domek ’21 (Lieutenant Frank Cioffi) answered a few questions to get us acquainted with the upcoming Dean College production. 

    Q. What is your role in the performance? Tell us about your character:

    Sierra: I am playing Niki Harris. Niki is a company member in a hopefully soon to be Broadway bound show in Boston. She is passionate about her job as a performer and hopes this show will make her Broadway dreams come true. The audience will discover Niki finds romance in the story as well.

    Marissa: I am playing Bambi Bernet. Bambi is in her early 20's and just breaking into the show business after years and years of training. She comes off as annoying and overly confident, but she is a genuinely hard worker and will do almost anything to get to Broadway no matter who says she can't, including her mother. She is feisty and will fight for what and who she loves, especially if it will help her career.

    Kyle: I am playing Lieutenant Frank Cioffi, a Boston Police Lieutenant who is looking to figure out how to solve this specific mystery. He is a kind hearted yet quirky guy. He knows how to be serious at times and when to break out into song and dance. His second love is theatre, he is fascinated by all the different aspects and the end point of putting on a show. He believes in positive energy and getting the work done.

    Q. Can you see yourself in this character? If so, how:

    Sierra: This is a role I am having fun with. Niki loves to perform just like I do. She is kind hearted, a rule follower and a hard worker. Nikki’s innocence is pure and that’s what I love about this character. Niki and I connect in many different ways.

    Marissa: I don't quite see myself in Bambi in regard to the way she expresses herself. She's a lot louder than I am and doesn't hold back. But I definitely see myself in her ambition. She works night and day to get to Broadway, where she and I have dreamed of being since a young age and won't settle for anything less. 

    Kyle: This character and I have a lot of similar characteristics and goals in life, we are very similar in different aspects of the world. We both were born with this quirky side to us, this characteristic really stood out to me in this rehearsal process. I mean, who doesn’t love randomly breaking out into song and dance!

    Q. What are you most excited for the audience to see?

    Sierra: I am excited for the audience to see the big dance numbers within the show and also to help solve our murder mystery musical.

    Marissa: I'm most excited for the audience to see the energy and overall atmosphere of the show. It still manages to be lighthearted and funny despite the serious moments, and I'm excited for the audience to laugh and have fun with us!

    Kyle: I’m really excited for the audiences to see how wonderful this cast has been working with each other. Everybody is just so supportive and this was the key success to a good production. Also, the different technical illusions that happen at different times within the set and lighting cues. The amount of hard work and dedication is greatly shown through this show.

    Questions with the director:

    Q. What makes your production of Curtains unique?

    James Beauregard: Dean College’s production of Curtains is filled with great music, comedy and explosive dance.  The energy of this play will make people smile while realizing dreams do come true.  The cast is an incredibly strong story telling ensemble. The movement is explosive and fun.

    Q. What can a person expect when they go to see Curtains?

    James Beauregard: Expect to laugh!  This show is filled with people, like us, who are following their dreams. The action moves from opening night of a pre-Broadway show to solving acts of foul play. A major who-dun-it! The music is laced with comedy and mixed with some beautiful ballads. This musical combines classical and contemporary storytelling with the innocents of the 1950’s and some contemporary humor.

    Q. Talk about casting…what is the selection process?

    James Beauregard: Over one hundred students auditioned for just over 30 roles in this production. There are over 80 students total involved on the stage, on the boards or behind the scenes. Students auditioning for roles started by singing, followed by an intensely crazy dance audition and ended with reading lines for various roles. The result is a wonderful, caring, dedicated group of young artists and technicians telling you a zany story filled with music, dance and spice with a little bit of intrigue and comedy.

    Q. How has it been working with the cast?

    James Beauregard: I have truly enjoyed this process and the students. I love watching the students bring their characters to life.  I will miss working with the seniors: Sierra, Casey, Bri, Jackie, Ryan and Andrei. But, I am already looking forward to working with the talented underclassmen in the future. 

    The Dean College production of Curtains will take place in the Main Stage at Dean College, 109 West Central Street, Franklin at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday – Sunday and a matinee performance at 2:00 p.m. Sunday. To learn more, visit

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