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  • Student Experience: Studying Abroad in London

    Gia Yarn Abroad

    Arts and Entertainment Management major, Giovanna Yarn ’18, is spending the fall semester studying abroad at Regents University of London. Read on for a letter from abroad about her experience thus far!

    Hi Dean community!

    I’m Giovanna “Gia” Yarn and I am studying abroad at Regents University of London this fall semester. I’m an Arts and Entertainment Management major and will be graduating this Spring 2018!

    I decided to study at Regents because it was a great opportunity for me to go to a city that is rich in theatre and art history.

    Although I want to do and see everything, I am mostly going to take advantage of the free museums, events and sights. There are weekend trips and day trips that I can sign up for and I’ve already booked trips to my top two picks: Paris and Ireland.

    I’m also hoping to visit Stonehenge, Bath and possibly Scotland! I am planning to visit my friend Julia in Germany near the end of November and hopefully go to Amsterdam to see my friend Lauren that studies in the Netherlands. Traveling is a great opportunity to see all that Europe has to offer but I’m not going to dwell on it if I can’t travel that much. England has so much to see as it is!

    The courses I’m taking at Regents are Organizational Behavior, People, Management and Organizations, Shakespeare Drama 1: Comedy and History, and Theatre Appreciation. All my professors are extremely knowledgeable, personable and so nice. They have made me feel welcomed and apart of the Regents community.

    The Regents Campus is beyond beautiful. It also has a Starbucks, a dining hall (“refectory”), Bedford Bar, a posh café called The Brassiere, a 24/hour IT center, a one-half modern, one-half historic library and all the buildings are connected with a gorgeous quad in the middle.

    I’m living in Reid Hall which is one of two residence halls on the Regents campus. My roommate, Mio, is from Japan. We get along well which is nice. I share a bathroom with half of the floor. My RA, Meghan is from Seattle and on my first day she gave me a tour of the campus and then we got dinner at Nandos!

    The campus is the middle of Regents Park which has its own theatre, zoo, sport fields, walking trails, fountains and ponds. The campus is right near Madame Tussauds (the celebrity wax figure exhibits). The weather has been perfect, 50-60 degrees, which is my type of weather. It also hasn’t rained that much but I always carry my umbrella!

    As I explore the city I invite everyone to share this amazing opportunity and adventure with me through my Snapchat takeovers that will be uploaded to the Dean College Snapchat (dean_college). My Snapchats will just be me exploring London, filmed by my new friends Anise and Maryam. Oh yeah, I’ve made friends!



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