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  • The Intern Corner: 5 On Campus Events You Don’t Want to Miss

    5 Things to Do On Campus

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    Some of my fondest memories of college have happened at events that I have gone to. I have met so many friends from going out and socializing at events all over campus. They are a great way to meet new people, get out of your comfort zone, and have some fun. Some notable events here at Dean that you don’t want to miss are:

    1. Homecoming - This is a great day not only for you but for your family as well. Families and alumni are welcome to come to campus to enjoy some events such as sports games, tours, meet and greets with professors, or even see a performance. It’s typically the first time you will see your families since moving to college and is a very special time to show your family your new home. It is also a time to meet previous bulldogs and learn about their experiences and what they are up to. 

    2. Spring Fling - Spring Fling is our big event right before finals week in the spring! One of our parking lots on campus turns into a carnival for students offering rides, games, and food. It is a great stress reliever before finals start!

    3. Late Night Breakfast - Late Night Breakfast is a favorite event among students. The dining hall opens late at night right before finals week starts. The staff and faculty cook and serve breakfast food to the students. It’s a fun night and makes for a great late-night snack.

    4. Winter Days - Winter Days are a series of events right before winter break. They often are focused on relaxing and destressing. Some of the highlights include massage chairs set-up for students to take a load off, free snacks and an oxygen bar which relaxes you as well as makes you feel rejuvenated. 

    5. Bulldog Bash - Bulldog Bash is a personal favorite. It happens at the beginning of the school year and they have a big barbeque on Picnic Grove. They always have the best food and it’s a great place to see some friends you haven’t seen since returning from summer break. Later that night there is a dance in the Guidrey Center which is also a student favorite event. Everyone dresses up and has a great time. 

    These are just a handful of events that happen on campus. We also have Dean After Dark, dance and theatre shows, and athletic games. There is so much to do, you’ll never be bored. We can’t wait to find out what your favorite Dean College events are!

    To learn more about student life on campus, click here!  

    Author: Pat Budris

    Pat Budris Intern Headshot

    About Pat: Pat is a senior arts and entertainment management major at Dean College. He grew up on a small farm in Watertown, CT before coming to Franklin, MA to start his college career. He is a dedicated musician and is pursuing a career in the music business. This summer Pat is the intern for the Marketing Department as well as the Orientation Chair for New Student Orientation. Pat is learning how to market and manage through social media and other outlets.

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