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    Dean College is committed to helping students and families invest in and enjoy the value of a private college education. While grants, scholarships and student loans will significantly decrease the cost of attendance for most students, the reality is that college is not free. That is why the Center for Student Financial Planning and Services (CSFPS) is here to help you every step of the way.

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    Academic Support & Learning Services

    Arch Learning CommunitySpecialized programs of support for studentswith learning or physical disabilities including 3 hours/week of PersonalizedLearning Services (PLS). $3,500/semester
    Personalized Learning Services (PLS)Provides one-on-one tutoring from professionallearning/reading, writing, and/or math specialists. The program is designed tobuild fundamental learning, writing and math skills necessary for collegesuccess. PLS teaches students to independently apply skills to their currentcoursework. Charges for the PLS Program are based on the level of serviceprovided. Students may enroll for the semester for as little as one hour perweek or for as much as five hours of assistance per week with a learning, writingor math specialist.$800 for 1 hour/week of PLS for a semester

    Additional Fees to Consider

    Student Health Insurance 
    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all full-time students have health insurance. All students are required to be enrolled under Dean College's policy if they are not covered under certain policies. Health Insurance can be waived online if the student's current plan qualifies.

    Dean College provides educational opportunity to a wide variety of students with varying academic needs. In order to meet the needs of our students, the college has established a number of different programs designed to ensure academic success and help students achieve their academic potential. These programs are fee based and these fees will be added to your bill if you choose to enroll in one of these programs or if participation in a program is assigned by the Office of Admission as a condition of admission to the college.

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  • Dean is a place that provides countless opportunities for students to grow, develop and explore in a safe and nurturing environment. A dedicated faculty and staff will provide guidance from the classroom to the athletic fields and make sure you are prepared for your future.

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