Kyle McEvoy

  • Major: Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Entertainment Management

    Involvement on Campus: "I play soccer here at Dean, formed a club that puts together music events, work with student activities, and am going to be a student ambassador next year."

    Academic Exploration: In March 2013 I put on the first music festival that there was at Dean. With the help from the School of the Arts and peers, we were able to get five really amazing bands from all around New England to come here and perform. I play in a band called The Guru and we're doing a full U.S. tour this summer (2013) that I planned/booked myself! I own a record label called Seagreen Records that puts out CDs, vinyl, cassettes and hosts events all around New England.

    Dream Job: My absolute dream job is to just continue what I currently do in my life. I book tours for bands all over the country, work for a nonprofit agency that works towards finding a cure for Muscular Dystrophy, organize music festivals in shows all over Connecticut, own a record label with my best friends, and spend my summers touring around the country with my band, The Guru.

    Why Dean? "To be honest, it would be very hard for me to list all of the things I really love about Dean College. One of the things I really love about Dean is the small community and how that has allowed me to make many close friends here. I also love how all of my professors and advisers know me by name and are there for help and support whenever I need it. Overall, Dean has offered me all the resources that I need to achieve my goals in life. I was able to play soccer, work with student activities, play piano and guitar in the dance shows here and, last but not least, put together the first music festival in history here at Dean."

    Memorable Quote: "If you don't follow your own dreams in life, you become part of somebody else's." - Unknown

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