Liz Piantedosi

  • Barbara Piantedosi is an '83 alumnus; Liz Piantedosi has earned her Associates Degree and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Studies.

    Why Did You Choose Your Major: "I have always had a passion for communications, and I loved the thought of learning what makes communications tick. It has been very rewarding to study the theories behind communication and how different people choose to communicate with one another."

    Involvement on Campus: 2013 Marketing and Public Relations Intern, E-Board Chair Residence Hall Association, Community Adviser, WGAO Power 88 Music Director, Summer '13 marketing intern.

    Dream Job: "To be a senior marketing and public relations manager/designer."

    Favorite Campus Memory: "I would have to say one of my most vivid memories was when Power 88 went to broadcast live from the Haunted House at the Orpheum Theater. Eddie (Leeseberg) and I went through the haunted house no problem, but Brad (Leuchte) made us walk on either side of him so nothing could jump out and scare him. I don't really remember much of the haunted house because I was crying and laughing the whole time at the shenanigans that was the three of us."

    Memorable Quote: "All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough if you do it" - Helen Murphy (Liz's Grandmother!)

    Following in Her Mother's Footsteps: "I have found everything she told me during my college transition to be true since attending Dean: 'They will give you opportunities you would never have elsewhere,' and 'They will work with you to be successful as long as you work hard.'


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