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      Iris Godes

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      Office Phone: (508) 541-1547

      Iris has served as Dean of Admissions at Dean College since 2014, overseeing student recruitment, application review and the office operations. As an enrollment professional in higher education for 25 years, Iris has worked for community colleges, public state universities, and private institutions. However, she sees Dean as distinctly different.

      Iris Godes"Dean College is the ideal choice for those that want to invest in themselves. The amount of student support and attention is unmatched. The administration, faculty and staff know each student personally and are all committed to their achievement. Regardless of where you are both academically and personally when you begin at Dean, your options are unlimited to transform yourself by the time you graduate."

      Iris's biggest piece of advice to prospective students is to visit campus. "Whether you are new to the college process or considering transferring, I encourage you to come for a visit. Our campus is absolutely beautiful and you will feel welcome just walking around it. Once you start talking to people you will immediately understand the special place that this is and learn that there are people here who care about you from the minute we meet you."

      When not on campus, Iris enjoys spending time with her family including two daughters who are a great source of pride. One is a recent college graduate who is just starting out blazing her own trail and another who is just starting college. "For the parents reading this putting their first child through college, I can promise you, it gets easier very soon! Call me and I’ll talk you through it."

      Iris holds a M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology from Boston University and a B.S. in Psychology from Syracuse University. She has served on local, regional and national boards and is past-president of the Massachusetts Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA). Additionally, she has presented at numerous conferences both locally and nationally and has served as a volunteer counselor at Framingham High School, assisting students and families with the college application and financial aid process.

      Getting to Know Iris

      Favorite Course Ever Taken
      Social Psychology, if I have to pick just one.

      Who was your Academic Mentor?
      The greatest influence in my academic life was my father who instilled in me to always do the absolute best I could and never settle for anything but “excellent.”

      Favorite Pastime
      Seeing a great movie, Sudoku, Baking.

      What's on your bucket list?
      Tennis at Wimbledon to see the Championships in person.

      What does the Dean Difference mean to you?
      It is the reason I am here at Dean. It means that you will get a college experience like no other surrounded by people whose primary goal is your success, not just as a student, but also as a person.

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      Ronn Beck

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      Office Phone: (508) 541-1512

      Ronn joined the Dean team in the fall of 2011 and brought an extensive résumé of professional admissions activities, including conference presentations, published articles, awards and panel appearances. He enjoys working with students and finds Dean to be the right choice for many. 

      Ronn Beck

      Ronn is your Counselor for the following locations:

      Northeastern Massachusetts
      International students and U.S. Citizens from overseas

      All international students and U.S. citizens from overseas work directly with our Director of International Admissions, Ronn Beck. Ronn joined the Dean team in the fall of 2011 and brought an extensive résumé of professional admissions activities, including conference presentations, published articles, awards and panel appearances. He enjoys working with students and finds Dean to be the right choice for many. “I’ve always been a fan of smaller, supportive colleges like Dean. It’s easy to join clubs and be involved, find help with your classes, make friends, and really know your teachers.”

      Ronn is a longtime member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and has served on two national committees. He also belongs to both the Overseas and New England Associations for College Admission Counseling, where he has been on the Executive and Governing Boards and various committees involving governance, finance and professional development.

      Internationally, Ronn has visited more than three-dozen countries on five continents. (Australia and New Zealand are on his wish list.) He’s directed overseas recruitment tours, worked as a college counselor in China, and been a guest speaker at high schools in Paris, Tokyo, Singapore and Mexico City. Among his favorite travel highlights are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, swimming off the coast of Bali, riding elephants in Thailand, and passing through Check Point Charlie at the Berlin Wall.

      Ronn earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from Clark University and a master’s degree from the University of Connecticut. Together with his wife—they were engaged in France—he enjoys traveling and has been to 49 of the 50 United States. (Can you guess which one he’s missed?)

      Getting to Know Ronn

      Favorite Course Ever Taken
      I have two. Old Norse Sagas and Physics for Poets, Artists, and Philosophers (aka Peoples' Physics).

      Who was your Academic Mentor?
      My professor father. He was an accomplished Ph.D. and more than an academic advisor. Everyone in my family had at least one course with him (I got a B).

      Favorite Pastime
      Collecting National Park and UN World Heritage Site stamps in my expired passport.

      What's on your bucket list?
      Australia and New Zealand. My wife and I planned to go in 2000 but the Olympic Games in Sydney made affordable hotels and flights hard to find.

      What does The Dean Difference mean to you?
      It's something that needs to be experienced first-hand. We're lucky In Admissions-we see the" potential" when students apply turn into "achievement" when they graduate. It's like magic.

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      James ‘Doc’ Behrer

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      Office Phone: (508) 541-1511

      James serves as an Admission Counselor and Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach for Dean College. You’ll find James traveling for Dean in Boston, Connecticut and Long Island, and he’ll be your designated counselor if you’re from these areas as well as anywhere on the East Coast from Maryland to Florida. 

      James Behrer

      James believes that the environment Dean College provides fosters the ability for students to thrive academically.

       “Once I started in my position at Dean and began to get involved in the community, I was amazed to see how proactive Dean is with its students. We will go to many lengths to see them succeed. I especially see this through athletics where, amongst many other departments, the Dean Difference takes place. As the Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach, it is important that all my student/athletes are successful on the field and in the classroom. Their continued efforts in the classroom will open more doors for their future." 

      If you’re looking for a strong community and school that will push you to succeed, Dean is the place for you. 

      “I believe in the ‘Dean Difference’ because we have a tremendous record of preparing students for future success and helping them grow academically, personally, and socially. Our atmosphere is different from most other colleges and universities because of our small size and diversity of students.”

      James holds a B.A. in European Studies from Hobart College in Geneva, New York. He is active in the lacrosse community in New England and is always looking to grow the sport while being a strong advocate for Dean College. 

      James is your Counselor for the following locations:

      Western Connecticut
      Long Island
      North and South Carolina

      Getting to Know James

      Favorite Course Ever Taken
      Star Trek Physics with Prof Spector… 

      Who was your Academic Mentor?
      My father. 

      Favorite Pastime

      What’s on your bucket list?
      West Coast road trip.

      What does The Dean Difference mean to you?
      Unmatched personalized attention.


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      Christina Berardi

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      Office Phone: (508) 541-1516

      The Dean Admissions Office welcomed Tina just after the New Year in 2013. She serves as an Assistant Director and adds nearly four years of admissions experience to the team, including a professional role as former treasurer of the Rhode Island Association of Admissions Officers. She visits high schools in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and looks forward to meeting students at a Discover Dean Day or other on-campus event.

      Christina Berardi
      Tina loves the college community she found here. "Dean's campus is very welcoming and comfortable, and provides an environment where any student can thrive. It's really student-centered. Not many places are like this in higher education."

      Tina received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts with dual concentrations in Directing and Acting, and spent time in England as a casting director and box office manager. She also holds a Master of Business Administration degree and enjoys speaking with students about her passion for the arts, love of business, and appreciation of the overall college experience.

      You might catch Tina at any one of the Dean College performances or cheering on the Bulldogs with her husband and son at a game. Tina currently lives in southern Rhode Island and frequents the beaches as much as possible during the summer months.

      Tina is your Counselor for the following locations:

      Central Massachusetts
      Rhode Island

      Getting to Know Tina

      Favorite Course Ever Taken

      Who was your Academic Mentor?
      My sisters, who always strive for perfection no matter the assignment.

      Favorite Pastime
      Beach Days from sunrise to sunset.

      What’s on your bucket list?
      I want to visit Paris

      What does The Dean Difference mean to you?
      A tight community of people who are able to help each other reach their goals.

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      Tom Carroll

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      Office Phone: (508) 541-1541

      Tom Carroll '07 returned to Dean College in the summer of 2011 as part of the Office of Admissions team after working two years in Student Affairs throughout New England. He graduated from Dean College in 2007 with an A.A in communications, then from Suffolk University in 2009 with a B.S. in communications and journalism.

      Tom Carroll

      Tom was able to create his own “Dean Experience” as a student here and enjoys helping others create their own. He travels throughout the East Coast and encourages anyone interested in learning more about Dean College to stop by for a tour or even just a cup of coffee!

      “It's difficult to explain, but there is an atmosphere here unlike any other. The sense of community and belonging is strong and the friendships you make here are incredible!” 

      Tom also knows firsthand about the success in academic values. 

      “I continue to admire the dedication Dean gives to every student. The students’ success will always be the faculty and administration’s greatest success, too.” 

      Getting to Know Tom:

      Favorite course ever taken:  
      History of Piracy.

      Academic Mentor:
      Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald.

      Favorite Pastime:
      Unplugging from the digital world and spending time with my family and friends.

      Bucket list:
      Attend the Iditarod.

      What does the Dean Difference mean to you?
      Experiential learning and unparalleled academic accessibility. 

      Tom is your Counselor for the following locations: 

      New Jersey
      New Mexico
      North Carolina
      South Dakota
      West Virginia

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      Jaclyn Cowell

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      Office Phone: (508) 541-1508

      Dean welcomed Jaclyn to their admissions team in July of 2013. In her role as the Assistant Director of Admissions, Jaclyn is looking forward to working with both first-year and transfer students throughout the college search and admissions process. She comes to us with seven years of overall admissions experience working at small and large, public and private institutions. Jaclyn will be traveling to the mid-Atlantic States and is the point person for all transfer students.

      Jaclyn Cowell

      "My advice to all prospective students is to visit campus! Whether you are a freshmen student or a transfer student, visiting campus is an important part in the decision making process. Go on tour and ask questions! Talk with current students and faculty. Learn about all the things Dean has to offer. This will be a place you call 'home' for the next four years so you really want to make sure it's the right fit!"

      Jaclyn received her B.A. in business management and a double minor in management information systems and political science from a small liberal arts school in NH.  She and her husband are avid New England sports fans and try to catch a game whenever possible. Jaclyn's goal is to see a baseball game at every professional ball park in America. She's has been to five, only 25 more to go!

      Jaclyn is your Counselor for the following locations: 

      District of Columbia

      Getting to Know Jaclyn

      Favorite Course Ever Taken
      My favorite class taken at the undergraduate level was Organizational Behavior.

      Who was your Academic Mentor?
      My thesis professor senior year. Seeing the last 4 years of your undergraduate degree come together in one paper was pretty amazing!

      Favorite Pastime
      Going to the video store, browsing the isles by genres, and renting a movie! Now you do everything with a click of a button and your movie is instantly streamed. It takes the fun out of renting a good flick! Plus, now you have to make a separate trip for popcorn and/or candy!

      What’s on your bucket list?
      I have a pretty long list but number 1 is to see Garth Brooks in concert! I am hoping the rumors are true and he’ll be back on tour in a few years! 

      What does The Dean Difference mean to you?
      Access. Providing students who come from various backgrounds with an opportunity to explore and discover what their true passion is. Whether that is in the classroom, around campus, throughout the community or studying abroad, the Dean Difference provides student with the necessary tools to be successful.

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      Christy Haynes

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      Office Phone: (508) 541-1508

      Christy spent four wonderful years at Dean before joining the admissions staff in the summer of 2012. She was an accomplished dancer and had chosen Dean for the conservatory-style technique classes that are woven into the liberal arts offerings. The friendly campus community was a plus.

      Christy Haynes

      As a Dance major at Dean, Christy performed in several productions, her favorites being Dance Company and Cabaret. She was also active in campus life, serving as president of the Residence Hall As

      "My time at Dean was fabulous and I never tire from showing off our beautiful campus and facilities," Christy says. She is excited to officially be a part of the admissions staff and looks forward to meeting students in Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. She will also be cultivating relationships with schools in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. (where her best friend from Dean and former roommate lives).

      Christy is your Counselor for the following areas:
      Southeastern Massachusetts

      Getting to Know Christy

      Favorite Course Ever Taken
      Dance Pedagogy.

      Who was your Academic Mentor?
      Dean College Professor Skillings.

      Favorite Pastime

      What’s on your bucket list?
      Go swimming with the dolphins!

      What does The Dean Difference mean to you?
      The Dean Difference means that everyone on campus is a family and will be there when you need help.

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      Larry Thode

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      Office Phone: (508) 541-1510

      Larry came to Dean College in 1983. In addition to being an Admissions Counselor he has also served as an academic advisor and a tutor in the academic support program. Since 1997, he has taught as an adjunct instructor in the History department as well.

      Larry Thode"I feel that my teaching duties allow me to see the academic side of student life in ways that other administrators don't get to see because of their positions and duties. This allows me to gain other perspectives on what works and what needs to be enhanced as we look at ways to improve the student experience here at Dean." 

      Larry has seen many Dean alumni move on to various colleges, inside and outside of New England, and seen them gain four-year college options that were unavailable to them until they were able to build a solid associate degree experience and GPA.

      "It has been very rewarding to see these students come back and visit campus and tell us of those positive experiences that Dean helped provide."

      Larry lives nearby with his wife Susan and often spends time on weekends visiting the grandchildren in New Hampshire. He ran cross country and track in high school and college and still runs local road races. In 2009, he won his age group in the 1500 meter run in the Massachusetts Senior Olympics. 

      Larry holds a B.S. and an M.Ed. degree from Springfield College as well as M.Ed.'s in Special Education (UMass-Boston) and History (Framingham State).

      Larry is your Counselor for the following locations:

      Eastern and Central Connecticut
      New Hampshire
      Western Massachusetts
      New York

      Getting to Know Larry

      Favorite Course Ever Taken
      Colonial American History in graduate school for my Master’s degree at Framingham State University.

      Who was your Academic Mentor?
      Dr. Herb Zettl, History teacher for my B.S. degree at Springfield College.

      Favorite Pastime
      I ran cross country and track in high school and college and still run a few road races each year.

      What’s on your bucket list?
      To see a baseball game at Camden Yards--the home park of the Baltimore Orioles. To visit the city of Quebec in Canada.

      What does The Dean Difference mean to you?
      It's helping students reach their full potential by providing a supportive, caring environment to learn and grow.

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      Janet Hanson

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      Office Phone: (508) 541-1517

      Janet has been in the Admissions Office at Dean College for the past 16 years. An alumna of Dean College, she received her associate degree in 2003. Janet grew up in Franklin and is amazed at how much the town has grown and all the changes Dean College is undergoing. It's all very exciting. Franklin is a great town. While having all the amenities of a big city it still offers the closeness of a small New England town. 

      Janet Hanson

      Janet has experienced firsthand what a great school Dean College is. Both Janet's children attended Dean College. Her daughter transferred on to Emerson as a Communications major and her son went to UMASS/Amherst and then on to Suffolk Law School. Her daughter works for WBRU radio station at Brown University and her son is a Lawyer in Boston. Dean College gave them the confidence they needed to succeed. 

      Janet resides in Blackstone, MA with her husband. 

      Getting to Know Janet

      Favorite Course Ever Taken
      “Abnormal Psychology” -- found it interesting.

      Who was your Academic Mentor?
      High school English teacher.

      Favorite Pastime
      Probably cooking and baking…I like trying new recipes.

      What’s on your bucket list?
      To visit BORA BORA,Tahiti. 

      What does The Dean Difference mean to you?
      Individualized support for students that caters to their own needs to make them successful in the workplace.
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      Kathy Ryan

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      Office Phone: (508) 541-1515

      Kathy Ryan joined Dean College in December of 2003 as the Director of Enrollment Operations after a successful 20-year career in the software industry. The move to higher education has been a wonderful one for her personally. Interacting with students and families on a regular basis is something she finds extremely rewarding. 

      Kathy Ryan
      As a parent of two sons, (one currently a senior at Dean and the other a Dean '08 and Suffolk/Dean '10 alum) her personal experiences are invaluable to students and families alike in considering Dean College and assisting them through both the application and financing processes. In addition, as a resident of Franklin, her knowledge of the town and surrounding areas serves as a resource to students and families.

      Getting to Know Kathy

      Favorite Course Ever Taken
      Many years ago I was asked to participate in the pilot of our first online courses here at Dean. Professor Gerry Shaw’s Intro to Business course was great. He still teaches it and I highly recommend it! 

      Who was your Academic Mentor?
      I don’t recall having an academic mentor as our students do but Patrick Veronneau here at Dean has been a wonderful mentor to my son Cory. Cory is a senior at Dean this year, thanks in part to Patrick’s guidance and support over the past three plus years.

      Favorite Pastime
      Gardening and Reading.

      What’s on your bucket list?
      Acquiring the PATIENCE to learn how and to enjoy golf.

      What does The Dean Difference mean to you?
      If I had to choose one word to describe the Dean Difference it would be confidence. The confidence that I see students acquire here at Dean both in themselves and in their academic progress in a very short period of time is amazing. I can share countless examples of this both personally (as a parent of a Dean Alum ’10 and a current Dean College student ‘14) and professionally regarding the students I have had the pleasure to know who work in our office, play on the fields, perform in the multitude of dance and theatre shows and others whom I have gotten to know by just being around campus. Dean College is truly a (confidence building) special place.

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